Congratulations! Here’s your bill.

“Congratulations! Can I take your picture? Maybe with the Pie holding the ‘sold’ sign?” He asked.


“What? Take our picture? Why?”

“You know, you just bought your new car! Here’s your ‘sold’ sign. Let’s take your picture holding the sign in front of your new car!”

“But it’s not an accomplishment to buy a car. All we had to do was spend months researching, then spend an entire day sitting here doing paperwork and then take on another loan shortly after we paid off the truck. I don’t understand – it’s debt, not success.”

“Oh. Well maybe we can just move on to putting the car seat in.”

We took the car home and went on a camping trip. We got the car muddy in less than 24 hours and put 500+ miles on it in less than a week. That’s what I would call an accomplishment.

Then as soon as we got home from our camping trip we pulled into the driveway and began the car-shuffle necessitated by parking on city streets.

As the Mountain Man shuffled the Pie and the camping gear out of the back of the wagon, I turned the key in the old volvo.

Chug chug chug chug. Chug chug chug chug. Black smoke was spewing out of the tailpipe. I tried to remember how long it had been since I had last driven it. 4 days? 6 days? Either way, it should start!

The Mountain Man got in the car and finally got it started, drove it around the block to it’s new parking spot, and suggested we try selling it right away.

For sale: One sweet old volvo. Runs great (once you get it started) for at least one square block.

Congratulations on your new car! Let me print out a “sold” sign for you.

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