Loganism of the week

The Mountain Man and I have been inundated with decisions lately, and it has become crippling. So many major decisions happening all at once – well, it’s just too much.

We’ve been battling with whether to buy a car, which car, how much to spend? Whether to buy a house, which house, how much? Whether to start a 529 plan, and how much? Whether to start a tiny bit of night weaning, when and how much? It is all too much.

The car decision has been the most complicated one, because we know we’re going to need a new car – we just don’t know when! My car is so old and unreliable that we can’t take it on long trips, although we’ve consistently taken it on 1-3 hour drives and it has been ok… so far. The truck is too small to have a rear-facing car seat and a wife at the same time, making travel complicated. Although our decision has since changed (12 times…) at one point we had decided to wait until my car actually dies before buying a new one, and plan to rent a car for our upcoming camping trip. Problem solved, right? Out of that decision to wait came this gem of a Loganism:

I feel really good about the decision to not make a decision.

Nice one, Mountain Man.


  1. sometimes that is the best feeling in the world. deciding not to decide. i know it well! good luck when you decide to start deciding again! :o)

  2. yeah, i know the feeling well. we're really not deciding not to decide so much as willingly putting the decision off until it becomes an emergency... but now that we did, we've found ourselves open to a car that i would never ever have considered. i was loving the little car we'd picked out (except for two small issues) and we've since found one that offers those things. but it means i'll be driving an suv. my world is crashing in front of me.


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