Lessons in letting go


Lesson 1: This baby likes to crawl on the sidewalk. Without shoes. After having crawled through the sprinkler. Let go.



Lesson 2: This baby will find where the water and the dirt meet, and will mix them. Then play in them, and probably eat them. Let go.



Lesson 3: It takes a while for this baby to warm up to Papaw (and Opa, too). Don't force it, it will happen. Let go.



Lesson 4: This baby is happiest when naked, and happier the closer she is to naked. Clothes are irrelevant. Let go.



Lesson 5: You will never get any two members of this family to look at the camera, smile, or have their hands away from their faces. Photograph anyway. Let go.



Lesson 6: Beauty is in imperfection (like  fresh-picked, sun-warmed strawberry slime all over your face). Let go.



  1. Love this post.

    I, too, need to let go. I would want to run after the baby saying, "Don't crawl on the sidewalk! You'll hurt your knees!" and "Wipe the strawberry off your face so I can take a decent photo!" I constantly want to "improve" everything, yet everything is ALREADY perfect in a non-prefect way (yes, I'm talking to you, strawberry goo). Virgos are very very bad at "letting go."


    (ps-- you new place looks great!)

  2. Capricorns, too, MOV! I've come to terms with the water, but the sidewalk crawling is something I haven't quite wrapped my mind around. Knee pads?
    Perfect in a non-prefect way is exactly right, and really it's a shame that mothers (and women in general) can't let that happen.

  3. Great advice, and as I suspect you know after perusing my blog that we have similar philosophies. Sometimes, though, for me, following the advice is harder in practice than philosophy.

    But this one was easy for me: http://familybed45.blogspot.com/2010/09/one-thing_26.html

  4. Oh my, Jacob - that picture is amazing!

    I remember in one of my childhood homes there was a mudroom/laundry room on the back side of the house. I tried to come in one afternoon probably looking something like that, and my mom wouldn't let me in the house, instead insisting that she hose me off outside before I was allowed in.

    I didn't mind being hosed off, but I was quick to point out that the room was called a "mudroom" for a reason...

  5. It's hard to let go at times, but you make good points. Nice pics. She is a cutie.


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