Family values as nonconformity

When the NonConformist Family asked me to write a guest post, ideas were flying through my head as I chased a far-too-mobile infant around the house, packed our belongings in boxes and readied the family to move. We had been grappling with the decision to move, which involved spending more money but regaining 3+ hours of commuting time a day – and we decided to go ahead and do it because it better fit our values as a family.

I realized that the fact that we have a clearly defined set of family values which we use to direct our decision making and to keep our lives in balance, and that they’re posted on the wall in our home – is pretty non-conformist…

Today I’m featured on the NonConformist Family blog, in what has turned into a series of 4 guest posts I’ll be doing about establishing and working with a set of family values. I’m so excited to be writing for Joshua & Sarah and hope you enjoy the post! Stay a while and read some of the archives over there, and check out the NCF ebooks!


  1. great guest post over on the other blog. tried to leave a comment over there (along the lines of YOU ARE A BRILLIANT WRITER AND EVERYONE SHOULD STOP WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND MEMORIZE YOUR WORDS) but guess what-- stupid blog did not let me leave a comment.


    Let go let go let go let go. (oh, wait, that was yesterday's blog......... am I allowed to let go two days in a row?).


  2. sorry you couldn't comment, MOV! but thanks so much for reading & for your support!

  3. and PS - yes, you can let go two days in a row. let go every day if you want to! i sure need a constant reminder to let go. maybe i'll try letting go today, too...


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