Defining your values–Guest Post part 2

Hey friends, I’m over at the NonConformist Family again, with part 2 of a 4-part guest posting series I’m doing for them. Today I’m sharing my process of identifying my family values – and my mourning process over this move we’re still unpacking from!

While I was taping up boxes and cleaning in the dark corners of our old house, I lamented the fact that we would be less able to save money toward one of our goals – buying a home – by moving closer to my husband’s work. I mourned the money that would be trickling away from us every month in the form of higher rent. I tallied the number of months we would have to add to our savings timeframe to meet our goals. Then I walked past my wall of values –on-post-its, and remembered that this move meant that we would have more time as a family to live the life we envision for ourselves. This move allows us to live closer to our values, and although one of our goals requires saving money, money is not one of our values…

Please hop on over here and read the whole post, and leave some love for the nonconformity of it all!

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