the day I married my brother


I know, that was a dirty trick.

Over the weekend I officiated my brother’s wedding. He married Danielle. They were married on an overcast afternoon in my parents’ home overlooking the Puget Sound. Immediate family and a few friends were there to celebrate with them.

I was honored to be asked to officiate and was excited to be able to write the ceremony and lend some of the bride’s jewelry. I also cooked up some grub for the party.

My favorite part was that when their babe became fussy at the beginning of the ceremony, Danielle just picked her up and handed off her bouquet. They were married as a family.

The ceremony discussed the choices that are made every day to be a family, and the complications and joys that life brings. The Mountain Man and I took a few pictures of the day. This just might have been my second favorite wedding ever.











  1. beautiful! congrats and best wishes to the happy couple. :)


  2. Can't get much more nonconformist than this! This is awesome, Megan - and props to you for facilitating a brilliant day.

    - Josh

  3. Got me there. Loves lovely. Nice that you could serve in that role.


  4. this is like roll-call on some of my favorite blogs! so happy you're all here, thanks for the love.

    it was a lot of fun to be able to legally and spiritually unite a family. pretty intense - and being able to write the ceremony was especially great. i think i'm hooked!


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