the year of rent

And so it begins, the year of rent and zero-commute. We’re ready to sign away our ability to save massive amounts of money in order to have a 2-mile commute to work and a return to our beloved city.

That’s right folks, we’re coming home. And a mere 7 blocks from our old place.

The rest of this month will involve lots of packing and paper signing and check writing and schlepping and cleaning, so posting could be sporadic. I’ll do my best.

Can’t wait to be home, to walk the lake, to see friends more, enjoy good coffee shops and a fabulous farmer’s market. More to come!                   


  1. i hate moving!!! but it is always good to go home. good luck with all the packing and cleaning!

  2. Yay, Megan! Congrats on moving back to the city! I love a zero-commute.


  3. sooooo gonna come visit. I miss Seattle coffee houses more than I miss having 70 pairs of panties to choose from.

  4. Let me know if y'all need help schlepping stuff back to Seattle. And maybe I;ll see you walking the lake; a nursing school friend and I have been walking the lake every day we don't have class since April. Welcome back!


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