When you can't win...

Last night, before the end of the month and before the end of his vacation, the Mountain Man went out to the driveway with the Pie to change my license plates.

Having a few moments to myself, I did some reading and garden planning. I have radish seeds to plant today.
Thinking nothing of what might be happening in the driveway, I went about my planning.

They came in… a bit muddy. Apparently the Mountain Man had let the Pie play in a puddle on the driveway.

A mud puddle.

Normally if I’m working outside I drag the playpen out with me, or keep the Pie to the dry dirt.

But the Mountain Man can’t be bothered with that kind of planning.

He was pretty proud of her full-body mud suit, so volunteered to give her a bath. I told him that he might find a sink bath easier than the tub, since he won’t have to bend over. I of course meant the kitchen sink.

When I heard squeals and splashing water and loud Mountain laughing, I put my book down and went to the source.

The baby might be too big for this kind of sink bath.

You just can’t win when you leave the Mountain Man in charge. It least he cleans up his messes (as illustrated in this last picture… with my towel.) Sigh. So when you can’t win… you photograph.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I knew what you meant. Both times. =O


  2. I would have felt really frustrated in this situation, but I must admit, seeing those photos made me giggle a little. My husband, too, is more of a "tree" person than a "forest" person some times.

  3. My Steven is the same way! At first I get frustrated with him, but he's one proud papa and I'm lucky he's so in love with Audrey. These are the moments I want to hold onto forever :)

  4. Sounds like a guy thing then! The Mountain Man is always so proud of these silly little moments, and will burst with saying things like "I love that baby" and telling her that she is the best little Pie while she squeals with laughter. Water on the counter is such a small expense for that kind of daddy time.


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