my life as wife


Baking bread while the Pie sleeps in this morning, I saw my pretty rings with a dusting of flour. I realized that this quiet moment is a beautiful reflection of my life as a wife and mother, a life I never expected, a life I didn’t think I wanted, a life I would have never thought would have brought me so much happiness.

I stood there for a moment, mid-knead, and appreciated my life. I appreciated my wonderful husband and the life he has given me. I appreciated my (sleeping) baby and all that she has brought to my life. I stood a little bit dumbfounded that I have all this in my life – a full, happy life that I might have avoided.


I kept kneading. I set the bread aside to rise, washed my hands, and went out to tend my garden.


  1. it was clearly a moment of (delusional?) bliss. i was lucky to be able to appreciate my life and the people in it, to feel that feeling when you're content with your life, and to be in love with everything. of course shortly thereafter chaos struck and the bliss wasn't so easy to access... but for that moment it was true, and I'm glad I stopped and sat with it for a moment.


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