walking the rails

We woke up this morning, and it was sunny. Actually light – and bright, and warm.

I made coffee and a quick breakfast of fried eggs on toast.

I had tomato slices on mine. They aren’t quite ready, but I was excited to see them in the store looking a little more blushed than normal. In a few months we’ll start making frequent appearances at the desert garden where squash and tomatoes and berries thrive.

I mused this morning about how one of my favorite parts of summer is eating big fat tomato slices on everything. And sometimes by themselves.

We spent some time on the deck this morning.


The Pie dug around in my garden. It was a lot of work, so she had to take a snuggle break with dad.

Then dad got a wild idea, and off they went.

I estimate she flies 9 or 10 feet off the ground.

The Mountain Man is about 6” 5’.

His arms are probably an additional 2-3 feet. I don’t know. I’m not an expert on arm length. But it seems about right.

And she’s about a foot above his hands at the apex, which is hard to capture.


Either way, she was above the roofline and having a grand old time.

Snuggles are due when fun has been had.


Then, in his constant quest to turn our child into a circus monkey, the Mountain Man teaches the Pie how to walk the tightrope.

Except it’s the deck rail.


The Mountain Man puts the Pie down, and she sadly realizes the cage her life has become.



We play a bit more in the light before the clouds come back and it’s nap time.


I am so looking forward to spending a week outside with the Pie and the Mountain Man. Hopefully the weather is as nice as it was this morning.

We’ll walk the rails of the woods, we’ll explore the edge of the river. We’ll walk into the mountains and maybe hunt agate.

We will make dinner in tin-foil packets and bury them in the coals. We’ll sit in camp chairs and poke at the fire. We’ll crawl into our sleeping bags and listen to the wind rustle in the trees.

We’ll find calm and quiet.

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