sorta pesto


My basil plant is looking a little wilty, so I decided to make some sorta-pesto before I kill the plant.

If I take most of the leaves I can at least make use of the plant before it dies, and if I leave a few there’s still a chance of survival.


The pesto is only “sorta” because I don’t have pine nuts and I don’t have enough parmesan. But I have walnuts and a piece of parmesan and a piece of asiago, so we’re going to make it work.


I toasted some walnuts at 350 for about 15 minutes. Toasted tastes better, and the Mountain Man is allergic to most raw nuts. As much as I would relish an excuse to keep all the pesto for myself, I’m willing to share my lovely green sauce.

Is pesto really a sauce? It’s used as a sauce, but it’s more of a paste… at least the good stuff is.


Wilty basil leaves go in the food processor, which clearly needs a good cleaning. Someday.


In with the basil goes the cooled toasted walnuts and the cheeses, cut into chunks. I drizzle some olive oil in the processor as things get whirring.


In the end, it looks like a lovely green paste. Or sauce. But I think it’s a paste.


And since I didn’t need it for dinner tonight, I put it in the freezer next to my pizza dough. Maybe I’ll make a chicken and sun-dried tomato asparagus pesto pizza later this week to celebrate springtime.


  1. that pizza sounds amazing! when i read the title of your post, i was thinking of my sorta pesto that i make with walnuts! if you ever find yourself with lots of mint, make mint pesto with pecans or walnuts. sooooo good!

  2. oooh mint pest sounds great! when i was poor and in college and couldn't afford pine nuts and basil (0h wait, I still can't afford pine nuts!) I used to make spinach-almond pesto. Also great! Can't go wrong with leaves, nuts, cheese and oil.


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