sorta pesto pizza

Last week I killed my basil plant. While it was dying, I decided to make use of its last leaves for some pesto. But I didn’t have pine nuts and I didn’t have enough parmesan, so I made sorta pesto.

Today, I am making that sorta pesto into pizza. I got the idea when I put the pesto in the freezer right next to my pizza dough, just crying out to be used.

And in the fridge some amazing, thick local asparagus in wide-mouth mason jars.
I keep my asparagus in the fridge in mason jars because they need to keep their bottoms wet, and I don’t want them flopping all over the place.

Did you know that asparagus is in the lily family? And did you know that I am one of the few people not affected in *that way by asparagus? And it’s not that I just can’t smell it, because I can. It just don’t stink.

I rinsed and snapped the asparagus, and sliced two tomatoes. I lined the baking pan with parchment because cleaning roasted tomato off a baking sheet is obnoxious. I drizzled a bit of olive oil on them and put them in the oven to roast. I think it was at 400.


While the asparagus and tomatoes were roasting I got started caramelizing some onions. They take a while. DSC_0369

I pulled out my other ingredients- fresh mozzarella and my sorta pesto. I’ll also dice and cook some chicken and shave some parmesan onto the pizza.

While the oven heats the pizza stone to 500, I set up an overturned cookie sheet with parchment paper on it.

Then I stretch the dough and pile everything on top. DSC_0376

Slide the pizza and parchment paper onto the pizza stone and let it bake for 12 minutes.

Let cool, slice and enjoy.

That was good.


  1. apparently it's not a matter of whether it stinks, but rather your ability to smell the stench...

    I thought I was also blessed with non-smelly pee pee, but upon researching, it appears we are all susceptible.


  2. but I CAN smell it on other pee. I have smelled it on the pee of others, and I made Logan smell my pee once to see if he could smell it. Mine just doesn't stink!!


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