My third place

My BBF (Best Blog Friend) MOV recently posted an essay about the Third Place – that place we go to retain our sanity. The Third Place is literally the third place – the place we spend most of our time after home and work.

I read MOV’s essay and thought of a hilarious quip of a response about my Third Place being my car. “Clever!” I thought to myself as I entered the captcha and went on.

I thought about what I had written. So clever, I told myself. Whose third place is their car? No one chooses to spend their time in the car for peace or sanity, yet so many of us find ourselves in our cars! Comic! Relatable!

And then I realized that it was funny because it was true. As a work-at-home mama my first and second places are all the same… the living room & kitchen. My “office” is a desk set up at the back of the living room, and my living room is only a step away from my office. For an occasional break I head into the kitchen to cook dinner.

I really do find my peaceful, sane moments in the car. The Pie is strapped in and safe, and even if she’s fussing there’s little I can do, so I keep driving.
first car ride
This is my sweet little Pie on her first car ride. She wasn’t really all that into it.
I catch up on my news via NPR in the car, a have some time and space to think (finally!) and I even wrote once about how I pluck in the car. The Mountain Man and I have re-kindled our mental romance in the car (by talking to each other! without interruption!)

I know things are funniest when they’re true, which probably explains my gloating over my hilarity. But really – who wants their car as their third place? I don’t imagine anyone does. But out of necessity it is mine. I don’t have a place I regularly go, a neighborhood haunt or friend’s house or a bookstore or coffee shop or anything. It’s my house, then my house, and then some more of my house. When I’m in my car I finally have free hands, free thoughts and free time. I think and listen and pluck. And I think that sad fact makes my car my happy place.
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