A mother of a day


We began our mother’s day celebration on Friday. I prepared my chop-chop salad for a combo-party of my dad’s birthday and mother’s day. I love this salad, and everyone I know loves it too – even my mountain man who hates all salads. This one is layered with black beans, corn, red onion, celery, cucumber, red peppers, carrots and green apples. I love it with Trader Joe’s tahini salad dressing. It’s delicious and vegan, so I make this for everything.



While I chopped (and chopped) the Pie munched on an apple slice.


The Pie’s uncle, aunt and cousin came down for a visit. Here The Pie and her cousin play nice… but only for a moment.


Soon they realize there’s ANOTHER BABY here. Must destroy. Bonk.



A toy that has never taken the Pie’s attention soon becomes her All Time Favorite Toy that the OTHER BABY is playing with.



I’m gonna get you, baby. Smash Crash RAWR.



Didja see that, mommy? Didja didja? I knocked that baby right over. I’m gonna do it again. Watch, mommy!




And finally a mommy intercedes.




Once the Pie discovers her true Favorite Toy (hand to chew on) all remains peaceful.



As a mother’s day gift, I got a beautiful jar of homemade vanilla strawberry jam, 3 delicious smelling little soaps and these two grow-in-the-bag herb gardens. How cool is that? This is such a great gift idea for a cook or flower lover with no space at all.


DSC_0195Danielle made this coma-inducing nod to America’s quest for more diabetes. It was so chocolatey and so peanut buttery I nearly died smelling it. It was perhaps the most decadent birthday cake I’d ever had. It’s been three days and my blood sugar is still regulating. Time for another slice!


DSC_0196A goody basket for Oma for mother’s day.



The Pie sit's in Opa’s birthday gift – a two-seater Radio Flyer wagon to cart the grandkids around town in. He can’t wait for summertime now!


And of course, the true gift is the box the gift came in.








Opa learns that you can’t make two babies happy and looking in the same direction. Just not possible. It’s about as likely as counting to infinity.


Then on Sunday morning the Pie let us sleep in for 40 whole minutes… but only after having fussed and squirmed all night. The Mountain Man got up and changed her diaper and then taught her how to make coffee and pancakes for mama for mother’s day. We played and looked at more houses, I put the Pie down for a nap, cut the Mountain Man’s hair, took a shower, washed some diapers and looked through my new book from the Tartine Bakery, a gift from my mom & dad.

This evening we’ll make some dinner and settle ourselves for the week ahead. It was a great first mother’s day, without spectacle but with plenty of love and quiet celebration.

Thinking about my life as a mom, how there is now a day in honor of my work and how much my life has changed is bittersweet. I long for the days of laying on the couch with a  book, while the kitchen and laundry both remain cleaned for more than 5 minutes. I miss the days of spontaneous decisions and not making plans around naps. And at the same time, those days of my “former” life seem empty now. My baby made me a mama, forever changed the course and purpose of my life. I continue to make daily adjustments in this new role, and some days are certainly better than others. But as I struggle to adjust and accept myself as a mom, I am constantly comforted by the companionship and love in my home.

Happy mother’s day to all of you who are mothers, are soon to be mothers, want to be mothers, or are the caretakers for others. You inspire, comfort, encourage and calm me. Motherhood a never-ending task of love and I hope I am up to the challenge.


  1. 1) did you save a piece of that cake for me???

    2) Make the words come back. Editing mishap.

  2. 1) yes. i will save it for the next 4 months for you.

    2) what the heck happened? stupid everything.

    3) how was hallstadt? how is everything?


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