When I’m putting the Pie down for a nap, I sing her the little lullaby that we made up. I usually sing it a few times, then hum it a few times, then hope that she’s asleep enough that I can stop humming and maybe even sneak away.
We snuggled and we played
and we had a good ol’ day,
and now it’s time for a nap.
We’ll wake up soon and find
that we have more snuggle time,
but now it’s time for a nap.
The other afternoon while I was putting her down for a nap and singing her our nap song, it occurred to me that someday she won’t want to hear that song. She’ll be too grown-up for those baby things, and won’t have the time for mama’s silly made-up songs. So I’ll relish in it now, singing it with all my heart and holding her close while I do. I hum it, knowing that some day I will have to hum it quietly, only after she’s fallen asleep, singing the words secretly in my head.

But for now, I snuggle and sing and pretend it will last forever.  
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