green smoothie


I’ve been trying to eat a little less meat during the day. I think skipping the animals once in a while is good for the environment, frugal, and makes a (very) small dent in the fight for animal rights.

This morning I had toast and a green smoothie. I peeled a kiwi (and gave the Pie a little of it) pulled the cooked spinach out of the fridge, tossed in half a banana and a few strawberries.DSC_0562


It took more water than I expected to make it smooth, and the spinach left pretty little specks. It was pretty tasty – fresh and light with more banana flavor than anything else. DSC_0569

I had enough to put in the fridge in a glass jar for tomorrow. It was a low-protein meal, but I could always add some  chickpeas to the smoothie or have peanut butter on my toast.

For lunch I may or may not be decimating an entire bag of cherries.


  1. i do these as well, but throw in some protein powder. yummy stuff!

  2. i've always been a bit hesitant about the protein powders... what's actually in them?


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