You know you’re in a grow house when…

We’re on the house hunt, and we have become exceptionally skilled in finding houses previously used as grow houses.

Here are some ways you might be able to tell that your house is a grow house.

There are a lot of outlets. A LOT.


The “kitchen/laundry room” is kind of outdated and not all that functional… (I do kind of want that old Zenith stove though!)


The garage door is permanently secured shut and there is a lot of ventilation and ceiling rigging for hanging lights and plants to dry…


There are really huge contractor-grade extension cords draped around the house…


There are lots of external security features and no interior doors…(sorry, don’t have a picture for that one)

The water heater was torn out & sold because there’s no reason to heat water…


And that’s how you know you might be in a grow house.

Good news is, the house is set up for supplemental income!

Bad news is, the cops already know about it.

And the electrical is scary and there’s a lot of moisture.

I guess we’ll keep looking.


  1. I think the place definitely has promise. I mean think of all the stuff you couldn't have plugged in all at once and now you can! Blenders blending, blowdryers blowing, and tv's tving. You'll never need to leave the grow room.

  2. Right? I used to have to deal with insufficient outlets. I sometimes had to UNPLUG something in order to plug something else in. Never again! Freedom through electricity! I can sit in that dark, damp little bunker in a massaging chair with all my appliances around me, never to leave again. I can even run lots of lights and a dehumidifier, and have nature sounds playing in the background!

  3. that's hilarious! i'd suggest postponing the whole 900 outlets thing until you're past the babyproofing stage.

  4. I'm still thinking this house is perfect, even with the babyproofing concerns. The outlets are all conveniently located at chest level, to make it all the easier to plug things in without ever having the inconvenience of stooping. By the time she can reach these outlets, she'll be old enough to set the timers on the lights!

  5. dear friends and readers,
    don't worry, we're not buying the grow house. i very much appreciate your concern, but we are only joking about it being "perfect" for us! This post is a composite of 2 grow houses we saw the other day, and we ran from both. we did find a house we really like though, and we are a little terrified that we are talking about making an offer... ack. but not on the grow house(s).

  6. Haha are you getting actual concerns from people? I posted on fb for in-home daycares friends could recommend and my mother in law called with her concern!

    Good luck on the non-grow-house house!

  7. FIVE people have checked in on my sanity regarding this one! Wow. I didn't know I had 5 readers!

  8. I love this post. And if you buy the place you better be sharing!

  9. oh the corey, you know i would... sadly we won't be buying that house. but we did find a house that has a little greenhouse in back...


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