the one where we got lost

We’ve never gotten lost before.

DSC_0202The Mountain Man has a keen sense of direction in the woods, the carefully-honed ability to remember small changes in the trails and get us back to exactly where we started. I rarely pay close attention, because the Mountain Man has us covered.

I have a good sense of direction in the “now we need to turn left” capacity, but unless there’s something significant on or near the trail, I remain in the peaceful oblivious state of walking through nature.  DSC_0204 It started out easy enough, a muddy access road.

And then we got into the twisty hilly trails. The Mountain Man started with the Pie on his back. Easier that way.DSC_0208 

On a narrow switchback, the Pie reached out to touch a tree as we passed. Maybe she knew we would lose our path and was trying to leave a scent trail. Or maybe it was just too cool to not touch.DSC_0211

We saw a horseshoe in a hollowed out stump. Maybe someone had left it there it as a marker, Or maybe a horse just lost its shoe.DSC_0212 

We pulled off to the side to let a mountain biker pass. The Mountain Man decided that this would be a fun train to ride. Which is probably why it was so torn up and muddied by tire tracks. DSC_0218 

We stopped for a picnic lunch.DSC_0221 

And the Pie made sure her toes were still there. DSC_0226

The Mountain Man and the Pie investigated a mossy tree.DSC_0228

And then we decided to switch to shoulders for a while.DSC_0232

We found a sunny spot to play.DSC_0240

And then it was back to the trail.DSC_0257 DSC_0281

After passing a few landmarks and thinking “huh, I don’t remember THAT”, we found a creek running across the trail, and knew we were lost. We hadn’t traversed this on the way up.DSC_0284 

We decided to keep going. We’d get to the bottom as long as we kept heading downhill. And once we were at the bottom, we could get to the car as long as we followed opposite the traffic on the road behind the trailhead.

The Mountain Man had gotten tired of shoulder rides, and the Pie had gotten tired of being in back, so we packed her into the front and the Mountain Man carried the pack to even out the weight.

The pack wasn’t heavy enough. DSC_0286 

Finally we made it back down to the main trail. We had a ways to walk, but it was OK. We came across a little waterfall that we would have missed if we’d made our way back on the same trail we started on. DSC_0291

Then it was back to shoulders, and running and jumping.  DSC_0300 DSC_0308

We got back to the car and made a quick trunk change. DSC_0313

We laughed on the way home about how it was our first time getting lost in the woods. In 6 years, I had never doubted the Mountain Man’s sense of direction on the trails.

Then he decided he wanted to drive home through the little town instead of on the freeway.

And we got lost again.

Don’t worry though, we didn’t ask for directions. We just meandered our way onto seemingly bigger roads until we hit freeway.

We got home and the Pie showed us her moves on the motorcycle. She checked her mirrors and she’s ready to hit the trails. DSC_0318

Hopefully she didn’t get her sense of direction from either one of us.


  1. my whole life is one big "Ack, I'm lost again!" The only exception to that is (inexplicably) when I am in a mall. I instantaneously know where the closest restroom is, Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, Pottery Barn, and Macy's-- even it it is a mall I have never set foot in before. Call it my 6th Sense: sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing, and internal mall GPS. It's a gift.

  2. Yes! And I can always find the chocolate. Always, all-ways. If there is chocolate within 11 miles, I know where it is. And almost always at eye level.

  3. I love Pie on the motorcycle!! Jude has loved to sit on ours since he was very little. Weird, because we never talked about it often or made a big deal out of it. True love is destiny I guess.


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