Now read this

I’m off on a house hunting adventure today, but wanted to give you a tasty little morsel.

My BBF (Best Blog Friend) and I were recently talking about Time Management Books that were a waste of time to read, and then what do you know, she goes and writes a hilarious post about it.

I like to think I gave her some of that material.

But I didn’t.

If you’ve ever bought a time management book and wished you could have the time you spent reading it back, hop on over here to read MOV’s latest essay. You won’t even think about returning it to the bankrupt bookstore and writing a letter to the publishing company berating them for perpetuating this drivel and causing bookstores to go bankrupt because of the nonsense they’re pushing. I promise.

See you Monday!


  1. Megan! OMG! I am your BBF?!? You are so totally my BBF too!!! I am very flattered that you put my link-- thank you. :) I am blushing, but you can't tell thru my typing. And, YES, you totally gave me material, thank you for that as well. I almost (almost!) quoted you verbatim in my blog, but then I thought I did not get permission so I better not.
    Have a great day!


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