Moisture Festival with baby

This weekend we went to the Moisture Festival with friends Pete, Pamela and their baby Tobias.


It was strange and wonderful to see everyone there, see the shows going on without my, see everything running smoothly without my having to run around. I just picked up my tickets and walked in, said my hellos, chatted and watched the show. And I got to enjoy a few sips of my favorite Hale’s Ale. Yum.

I missed a lot of milestones this year – 55 shows, 5 venues, a renovated box office, coat hooks for volunteers. It was a big year.

Of course I brought my camera but was so busy hugging and talking that I barely got two shots snapped and the next thing I knew we were on the road.

The Pie did pretty well, all things considered. She was happy for the majority of the show, even took a little nap in the carrier. We had spent the afternoon looking at houses so it was a really long day, but she loved the lights and the music and the friends.

Backstage pre-show at the Moisture Festival with Christina, Liz & Jenn.DSC_0056

The Mountain Man and the Pie waving in the dark theater.DSC_0059

If you want to see more pictures of the festival’s early years, a beautiful book was made and can be viewed free here.

Farewell, sweet festival, for another year.

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