location, location, ironic trucker hats


The 3 most important things in the real estate business are supposed to be location, location, and location. Buy the house in the best location and you’ll laugh all the way to the bank!

Right now we can’t afford what would be our favorite location – we can’t afford any of our four favorite neighborhoods. But the house we like is in a town that is convenient to anywhere the Mountain Man could work, is a manageable commute, and is a nice neighborhood. So that’s location & location, right?

But we’ve got that pesky third location to work on – it’s not the place we’d live if we could live any place.

The other day, when the Mountain Man drove to the house in the morning to see what the commute would be like, he noticed lots of kids walking to the elementary school down the street. How sweet! And then he drove past the school, and noticed the patrols out helping the kids cross the street. Double cute, I was on patrol as a kid!

And then – he realized what the true third part of the location trifecta is: ironic trucker hats.

We don’t want to live somewhere where people wear ironic trucker hats ironically. But here, those kids on patrol were wearing bright orange ironic trucker hats, but un-ironically. They were just hats.

And that’s where I want to live.

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