my zombie apocalypse kit

For a few years, I’ve been teasing the Mountain Man about his desire to complete a survival kit to keep in our home.

I demand that he take his back-woods survival kit with him every time he goes backpacking, or when we go hiking. I insist that the truck be filled with survival gear when we drive over the mountains in the winter. We don’t camp without survival equipment. But we don’t really have anything in the house. After the tsunami, I stopped teasing him.

I wrote about how the tsunami kind of lit a fire for me – I started thinking about my life, my plans, and my safety in a new way. Right now, if something catastrophic happened like a tsunami or a major earthquake, chances are the Mountain Man would be 55 miles away from me in his office, and I would be alone with the Pie. Holy shit. I need a survival kit at home.

I already know where we would hunker down in an earthquake – the bottom level of our house is a daylight basement, and we will definitely go straight to the back corner of the house where it’s still underground. Underground may not be ideal, but at least we won’t be crushed. That is – if we can get there. Which makes me think that I need an emergency kit on both floors of our house.

So maybe I’m sounding a little crazy, but it takes very little time and energy and space to have this, and if something were to happen, I sure wouldn’t regret having it. It’s cheap, too – not the most frugal move, but it could prolong our lives for a few days at least.

My “zombie apocalypse kit” as I’ve been calling it, will have things like water, canned food, a can opener, fire starter, warm clothes and a blanket. Some painkillers wouldn’t hurt, and a toilet bucket and some toilet paper wouldn’t hurt either. I can even pack it into the toilet bucket… a pack of baby wipes is on the maybe list, as well. And of course a small first-aid kit. I guess if I’m keeping a blanket I could keep a pillow, too. I’m very particular about pillows. And an air mattress! Ooh we could be surviving in comfort! We have A camp stove and some propane we could put down there. Some books or crossword puzzles would be nice. Some cat food in case we’re able to save the cat – I don’t want to share my food with him. And of course diapers, some baby toys. A radio would be fun & a safety benefit. Some firewood would be good. And I really do like how I look with some eyeliner, so I should have emergency eyeliner in there as well. And maybe things like a mirror to signal air search  teams (and I can make sure my eyeliner is on straight)…


  1. So dad bought me two can openers... there the survival kind, just two pieces of metal with a hinge and a pointy part. I don't know why he bought me two, or why he thought I would be carrying cans of food around europe, but I'll gladly donate one to your zombie annihilation kit.

  2. i think dad's on to something... although most things were vacuum-sealed or in boxes like soy milk. the one thing i don't think i ever found was a shower curtain. maybe i'll buy you one as a going-away gift. i might even splurge and get you some curtain rings!


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