Loganism of the week

On Saturday we were in the Big City, trying to find a parking spot so we could go to the circus. We drove around in increasingly larger concentric circles around the big tent, looking for the Best Parking Spot. We were getting a little frustrated, because the Pie doesn’t like being in the car and was a bit fussy.

As we turned around for the 47th time, the Mountain Man spoke this little gem:

You know, we aren’t city slickers anymore. But we aren’t really country bumpkins, either. We’re more like suburbumpkins.

We’ve been out of the city long enough to have become easily flustered when we can’t park quickly while a baby fusses in the back. But we’re not so countrified that we won’t go to the city because parking is too frustrating. We’ve become a little suburbanified. And here we are, trying to move closer to the Mountain Man’s work, and finding it difficult to meet our new suburbanified expectations in the Big City.

I guess we just have to realize that we’ve lost the city slicker, and we’re not so country yet that we think a long commute is worth it. We’re suburbumpkins. And we don’t want to compromise.

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