Hike Day

We wanted to go walk around the Nisqually Wildlife Preserve, but we got there and there were so many people, we decided not to stop.

I hate hiking single-file.

So we turned around, and tried to decide where to go. We didn’t want to drive far, but wanted a nice quiet spot. We settled on Chambers Creek. We’d never hiked there, but we used to ride past on the motorcycle all the time.

The entrance was pretty skeezy. We just parked the car on a gravel shoulder and stepped over a chain to get into the park. Once we were a few steps from the start though, it was nice.

Here’s the Mountain Man looking at the sign. He loves those signs.another sign

The Pie was happy to be out.DSC_0838 

We hiked on the hills above the meandering creek.Chambers Creek DSC_0846

A crazy-long branch was down over the trail. big branch 

We found a weird hollowed-out tree, covered in moss. I like moss.hollow tree

The Mountain Man took a picture of me. He doesn’t like it when we go somewhere and I only take pictures of him.mr hike That one is also another indication of how much taller than me the Mountain Man is. He can’t even find me in the frame.

There are a lot of hills on the trail. A lot. Hoof hoof huff huff puff puff.  uphill

The Pie started getting a little fussy, so we stopped for a mid-hike tank-up. free-range dairy 

She was happy to be full and out of the carrier. So the Mountain Man decided to carry her.full & happy 

The Mountain Man got tired carrying her after a while, so decided to do a shoulder ride. Including running & jumping & galloping.  shoulder ride

The Pie loved her running-jumping-galloping shoulder ride.shoulders

OK, this one deserves a close-up. Squeeeeee!squeeeeeee

And back up the hill we went.uphill both ways


  1. I have been meaning to ask you about your carrier. When Audrey was born my cousin gave us an evenflo snugli carrier (front pack). It is supposed to be able to be used with baby facing forward or towards the parent. Long story short, I don't like it. What would you recommend for us? We like to hike, go to festivals & farmers markets and of course I'd like to wear her so I can do housework. She is just over 16 lbs. now and I would like one that can be used as she grows and one we can use on our backs or as a front pack.

  2. This is an Ergo, and we love it. You carry the weight around your hips rather than on your shoulders (oh, the pain!) and it's easy to put on. If you're alone getting it on your back can be a little tricky, but we figured out a way that's not in the instructions to do it. i highly recommend the ergo - it's an investment (ours was over $100) but it's manly enough that the mountain man will wear it, it's comfortable and secure, it will carry a heavier baby and won't kill your neck. I more the Pie in a Moby wrap until she was too heavy/wiggly for it. i wear her a lot less now that she's sitting and curious, but i still love the ergo. if i'm going out i strap it around my waist before I get in the car and then pop her in it when we get where we're going. if you can find a shop locally that will let you try one on with your babe it's worth the help getting it figured out, and there's some peace of mind in wearing one before you buy it...


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