Enjoying the little things as parenting strategy

Remembering - and enjoying - the little things can be a parenting strategy. Making the effort to appreciate the sweet, small moments aligns with my mission in parenting - to provide simplicity, love, patience, calm.


The small moments and experiences are what create the joy in parenting - like how my Pie uttered her “first word” was while she was being bathed in the hospital, and none too pleased about it, shouting “Nyet!” between screams. And how she likes to play with my hair while she’s falling asleep. And she growls. And how she can’t get enough banana but hardly any of it gets in her mouth.

DSC_0592 (The Pie and her cousin Jace smoochin’ it up)

If i don’t remind myself to appreciate these small, sweet moments it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the less-sweet moments. They are a reminder that the small, fleeting moments are what will bring us the most joy in our parenting experiences. They are what brings us closer to our purpose as parents.

I try to enjoy and remember the moments, because not only will they pass quickly, but if I am focused on the next thing, or nursing my pie while composing emails in my head, i am not enjoying parenthood, I am treating it as an obstacle to my daily life. Although there are many daily obstacles in parenting, I don’t want parenting itself to be an obstacle. I have to remind myself frequently that I’m doing something bigger than changing diapers, wiping up banana slime, and offering another feeding. It is easy to get caught up in the daily tasks, but the tasks are not what parenting is about. (Repeat, repeat.)

If i can slow down, see, appreciate and remember those small sweet moments, I can be a better parent and live more simply, more closely, and more wholly with my babe. Parenting is not in the to-do list, it’s in the moments. (Repeat, repeat.)


  1. great post. I feel like that too a lot.

  2. repeat, repeat. that's the key. repeat, repeat.

  3. Great advice! And your kids are adorable :)

  4. Hi there PandaBear, thanks for stopping by! It's certainly something I need to continually remind myself - to appreciate the little moments instead of letting them become the background of my continual task-oriented life. The little moments are what will make all those tasks worth it. The moments should be in the forefront.


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