co-ops, bulk orders for things i’ve never tried, and going even greener

I’m jumping into uncharted territory, in bulk.

I’m buying soap nuts, wholesale. It’ll be green, it’ll be cheap, it’ll be an adventure.

I’ve been wanting to try them for a while, but haven’t been able to find a place locally that sells them, and in the meantime have had to continue to buy more laundry detergent. Recently I realized I was reaching the bottom of my bottle, and decided to look into it again.

A reader happened to contact me and let me know that she was interested in starting a soap nut co-op, and asked if I wanted to buy some through her wholesale order.

I’ve never tried them, I said… but they must work, people swear by them!

Me either, she said.

She was organizing a co-op to buy 100 kilos of the stuff, having never used them! I guess I could jump in on that.


I like the idea of using a natural soap. I don’t know much about them – only what I’ve read here (they’re actually a fruit, not a nut – did you know that?)

Since I’ll have to wait for my soap nuts, and since my detergent is going to run out before my kilos and kilos of nuts are here, I am going to try making some detergent out of washing soda to hold me over.

Although I’ve been reluctant to buy a bag of soap nuts over the internet, I’ll buy them in bulk (what?) because the per-unit price is cheaper. Yes, I will spend more money to try a product I’ve never used if I can get more of it. Crazy, right? I’m gonna have to like it.

I’m planning to buy 3 kilos, and now my fear isn’t about buying it, it’s about buying it and loving it and being mad at myself for not getting more when I had wholesale prices.

Have you used soap nuts? Did you like them?


  1. woohoo for Soap Nuts! I can't wait until we fill this Co-Op...

  2. Hi! I haven't tried soap nut yet but I am into buying in bulk and splitting the cost with a group of friends. That way, we get supplies at a cheaper cost and reduce packaging waste.

    Splitting also keeps our supplies fresh, so we don't worry about expiration dates. Since we are using an online tool called SplitStuff (http://splitstuff.com) bulk buying and splitting is easy and simple. We might give soap nut a try. Thanks.

  3. Kris - Me too!!
    Annette-I buy in bulk when I can (for myself) and often split things with friends or family. I've always wanted to have a community of neighbors willing to do this kind of thing, but haven't found it yet. If you're interested in trying some soap nuts out to see if it may be a good co-op item for your group, let me know! I can send you some info on our order. (It's not local, but even with shipping is less than retail)


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