cloth diapering is ruining my life

We’re searching for an apartment near the Mountain Man’s work, and trying to find an inexpensive place that will allow us to continue saving money. It has been surprisingly difficult with cloth diapering as a part of my life

I know people have cloth diapered without in-home washing machines, even doing it by hand. But the 4 trips to the machine for each load of diapers every third day would be a hassle, especially when I have to either strap my Pie into a carrier or leave her alone to do the washing.

She doesn’t like to be left alone. And she’s almost mobile.

Most reasonably-priced apartments in Seattle are old.

Most old apartments in Seattle are not hooked up for in-unit machines.

Most new apartments are, but are also expensive or not in quiet neighborhoods.

Quiet is important.

Washing machines are important.

Cloth diapering is making my apartment-hunting, money-saving, frugal life complicated.diaper monsterI’m not willing to give up on it, and I want to get the Mountain Man’s commute to a reasonable distance as soon as possible. But I just don’t want to be schlepping diapers around the building.

Plus, people don’t really look forward to putting their clothes in the machine after your kid’s poo has been in there. I don’t mind putting my own clothes in there, but I don’t think I’d want to put my clothes in the aftermath of someone else’s poo, especially before I was a mama myself.

She’s still got breast milk poo, which isn’t nearly as bad, But still. It’s poo.

So what do people do? How do you manage cloth diapering if you don’t have a washing machine in your apartment? Do you just sneak the diapers in the wash when no one is looking? Do you thoroughly wash them out in your apartment before taking them to the laundry room? Did you give up? Help.


  1. You may want to consider looking outside Seattle itself for apartments. While not immediate to Logan's work, places like Renton, Burien, Shoreline and Mountlake Terrace are considerably closer to it and would reduce his commute down a fair bit. An added bonus to this option is that rents would be less expensive (and sometimes give you more space for your money, too!), thus allowing you to save more money towards your house goal. You also have better odds of finding places with amenities, such as in-unit washers and dryers, in areas outside of Seattle rather than in the city itself.

  2. we've looked a little in the shoreline area, which would be OK. I'm not excited about living in renton, especially if we're just renting. and right now we're feeling pretty romanticized by a 2-mile-or-less commute. i know that means smaller places, higher prices, less chance of a washing machine and less parking, but a zero-commute is sounding pretty nice.


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