Cat fight

The Pie and the cat got in a fight.

I was sitting right there, and couldn’t stop it before the Pie got scratched.

It all started because now the Pie is pulling up on furniture and cruising, and the cat can no longer rely on his pathetic attempts at an elevation advantage to stay out of reach.


Yesterday, the Pie was cruising around the ottoman, and I was sitting on the floor next to her, and the cat jumped up on the ottoman to get some attention. I started scratching his head. And then – I don’t really know what happened. There was a hissing snarling ball of scratching screaming cat-baby-war on the floor. I think The Pie grabbed his tail, and I think she fell and took him with her. I tried to push the cat away but didn’t realize she was still clutching his tail with her strong-baby-death-grip. More scratching, hissing, snarling, screaming ensued.

She got scratched up.

I tried to get some pictures of her with her scratches last night, after she was feeling better. Better enough to make threatening snarling faces at the cat.

Don’t start this again, please baby. I don’t want a re-match of the death-grip vs. claws.  DSC_0931 DSC_0933 DSC_0937 DSC_0938 DSC_0939 DSC_0940 So yeah, there are some scratches there. But she’s more concerned with making faces than with her injuries. She also has a ‘hawk from when i was washing the scratches on her face. I guess the soap made her hair stand up. It had made it through two naps by the time i got these pictures. Sadly it’s gone this morning.

I really thought I had more time before I had a cruiser. She’s pulling up, standing and cruising around. She can move from couch-to-couch and from ottoman-to-couch, if they’re close enough to each other. She walks the length of the couch to get at the stuff I’ve “hidden” on the other side. I’m not ready for this! Commence babyproofing.

And the cat had better learn that his elevation is going to have to increase to stay out of reach. He’s never been much of a “high” cat, but the rocking chair & ottoman may not be safe any longer. We’ve always made fun of him for being a “ground” cat. One time he jumped up on top of a bookshelf and I couldn’t find him. I searched and searched, and it never occurred to me to look up. Hopefully the cat will learn to be afraid of the power of the snarling, cruising baby.

Because he drew blood, our pediatrician recommended that we start the Pie on a low-dose course of antibiotics. I’m not really a fan of precautionary prescriptions, but in this case, for 3 days, I think we’re just going to run with it. If there hadn’t been blood, I wouldn’t even have called the doctor. I don’t want my Pie getting an infection in her nose, where he cut her with his nasty little claws.

But I wonder – if the prescription is for 1 tsp twice a day, and the Pie ends up with more of it on her Elliot Smith t-shirt (an awesome gift from Ellie at Bootyland!) than in her mouth, does it count? Do doctors take into consideration that babies will only consume 1/4 of the prescribed dose? I’m not going to give her any more, but I’m also not going to hold her mouth shut while she’s trying to deal with the nasty goo either.

I don’t know who would win the next battle of the death-grip-on-tail vs. claws. I suggested we buy those hot pink claw covers, but I’m pretty sure our cat would figure out how to get them off. And then, like the inconsiderate jerk he is, he’d leave them laying around for the baby to choke on.

The Mountain Man suggested that we use the cat as a test-subject to evaluate the efficacy of the new suicide wall on the Aurora Bridge. I told him that it doesn’t count as an efficacy study if the test subject is thrown. On to Plan B.


  1. megan, baby Pie looks EXACTLY like your husband (from all the photos in your previous posts)!!! is there *any* of your DNA in that little cutie-Pie?

  2. she does look just like him! in fact yesterday she woke up from a nap and i thought she looked even MORE like him. maybe it's because she was making the same face while I changed her diaper as he makes while I change his...

    had i not squeezed that giant baby out myself, i'd question whether she was mine at all.

  3. Your little pie is such a ham! She's so adorable :) We had a cat fight incident as well, and the goob took a mean scratch to her thigh. It started out as a friendly relationship, the cat would let Audrey pull her fur and even her whisker. I once caught Audrey with the cats ear in her mouth - I just about vomited ewww! BUT then Audrey pulled her tail and it was all down hill from there. Now the cat runs if Audrey even peeks her head into the same room hehe :)

  4. ooh sorry about your cat fight! i was hoping that after this fight the two would steer clear of each other, but my cat isn't very smart and my baby is too curious... so although we haven't had a second fight yet, i have a feeling that this won't be the end of it.


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