what 6-month olds are for

DSC_0027 6-month olds are for spitty, chinny grins. I swear I gave birth to a child with a neck.

DSC_00326-month olds are for looks of repulsion, shock and disgust.

DSC_0036And then more grins.

DSC_0037 And then more spit.

 DSC_00396-month olds are for when complaining…

DSC_0042 turns to motorboat bubbles.

DSC_0047 And then… well, I don’t know what this is.

DSC_0095But it sure was funny.

DSC_00966-month olds are for tongue flipping

DSC_0100And nose squinching.

DSC_0135 6-month olds are for 11pm bedtimes and regression to the swing.

It didn’t work.

Look at how huge she is in that swing.

 DSC_0137 6-month olds are for making you think “this isn’t so bad”

…and “was it really so hard before?”

…and “it’s actually kind of fun”

…and “maybe we should do this again”.


  1. Love it, Megan! She has a BIG personality just like her mama. Those babies... how manipulative they are with their cute little smiles and funny faces. ;)

  2. I'm convinced that 6-month-olds were put on the earth to make mamas want to procreate again, and to ensure the success of the human race.


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