washing day

today, after a few days, it’s time for a shower.

i finally ran out of all the various drips and drops of body wash accumulated over time and saved, because there was some left. can’t throw out anything that’s useful!

because of my previous bathroom-shopping extravaganzas and my current frugality, i haven’t had to buy body wash in like 18 months. maybe more.

but now, i’m out. nothing left. and i had a little panic.

i’ve been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar for my hair-washing routine. so i had a moment. do i want to use my baking soday solution as body wash? it’s so thin, will it cling long enough to clean?

and if not BS, what am i going to use?

what alternative is there to body wash?

there is none! oh my! i don’t want to keep buying body wash. the frugal stuff is unnatural and the natural stuff is so unfrugal.

there is no alternative!

sometimes it seems that the intersection of natural and frugal is narrow.

i will have to do some research to find out what to use.

i grabbed a towel and saw, in the linen cabinet, a bar of soap.

yes, remember those rectangular little things? sometimes wrapped in paper… they smell nice (or like nothing at all) they contain weeks and weeks of cleaning power. they can be rubbed, shaved, chipped away. they get slippery though, so hang on.


those little rectangles will be my body washing solution;

i will use SOAP.


I’m hopping around with the Company Girls.


  1. LOL. I just about had a hissy fit years ago when my favorite soap - the one I've used most of my life - simply disappeared from shelves (Camay, if you care). I'm using Ivory now.

    I may have to do the "use it up" thing with shampoo, come to think of it....

  2. LOL! I think the only place my children have ever encountered a bar of soap is at my mother's house! I do ok with body wash, but shampoo is another story. I am sale loyal rather than brand loyal and I always end up with more shampoo than conditioner and for some reason I am adverse to mismatched shampoo/conditioner so I end up with loads of not quite empty shampoos that have too much in them to throw away. I finally broke down and tossed it when I cleaned my linen closet yesterday!

  3. Bar of soap! My kids get so excited when Dad brings the little ones home from his trips, but they would never think to use them.
    I'm making some simplifying/saving money changes, don't think I could give up my shampoo. Every once in a while, the bubbles are the best part of my day.

  4. I use a soap/body wash combo...but I'm a cheapskate and love how long a bar of good soap will last. I use things to the last drop as well - and it IS heartbreaking when the favorite thing gets finished up!!

  5. Haha, Soap! Of all the novel ideas...! :)

  6. We get so used to the liquid soaps that when we go to a hotel and they have those little bars of soaps it kind of takes you aback! My hubby always uses a bar but I will confess to loving my natural lavender body soap that we got at the lavender farm..heaven!

  7. I am cracking up! Welcome to the world of soap users...I guess I am cheap, cause I NEVER buy body wash, just good old fashioned soap around here, too. Happy scrubbing!


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