today it snowed

the mountain man took the pie for a walk. it was cold out, so she wore two hats.DSC_0677  

the mountain man scowls when i make him stop to take his picture. “it’s melting” he said. “let me go!”DSC_0680

and off they went. DSC_0685

i got a lot of work done today. i actually managed, in 12 hours, to accomplish 6 hours of work. i think it was a record.

maybe i should call guinness

for a beer, not for the record. i didn’t have a witness, and it’s never going to happen again.

the pie helped. DSC_0709

DSC_0688 DSC_0711 

and then i took a picture of her teeth. they’re both coming in.  DSC_0714

oh, you can’t see them? here you go.DSC_0714

then i made dinner. we had shepherd’s pie. it was delicious.

and then the pie threw my computer on the floor and messed up the power plug thing. so the mountain man “fixed” it. DSC_0721

i say “fixed” because it works. i’m using it right now.

but there are pieces that are kind of flopping around, connected by just the cords.

“not important” said the mountain man.

but there are lots of spare parts.DSC_0725 and i’m not allowed to move it, in case it moves the power cord.

“a good mechanic needs fewer parts than something came with” said the mountain man.

it’s funny, because just this morning i asked him to fix something, and he wasn’t doing it right, and I said (as I often do) “oh, come on! you’re the engineer!”

to which he said (as he always does) “i’m a software engineer! i only engineer make-believe”

so yeah… it’s “fixed”.


  1. I did a lot of smiling thru this post. For some reasons:

    we wear our baby under the jacket in the snow too. it's pretty funny.

    my own mountain man is also a software engineer. the day after we came home from the hospital our dog knocked water on the laptop keyboard. and i'm typing right now on an auxiliary keyboard on top of the regular keyboard. all fixed!

    i was actually grateful for the tooth close-up, and no I still wasn't sure I could really see them, because I was wondering if I'll really know when teeth come in or if I'll just figure he's mysteriously sick once again...

    "dangerous baby activities"

    thanks for this. -ae

  2. oh, yes, my older son (age 7) builds Legos from kits and inevitably has a few random pieces left over.
    I say, "What are these?"
    He says, "Those are the extras, in case, you know, you need them."
    Dubious, I say, "Oh. Okay." (I know he will have an important job one day, the kind where you boss people around and tell them they must use every part and not have any left over.)

  3. æ - i really think you must sleep. 7 hours spent reading my blog overnight is probably too much. i'm flattered, but really. i don't write in order to keep you reading all night, thus jeopardizing your health & sanity. MOV does that.

    MOV - I think Tall and the Mountain Man have that in common. The Mountain Man likes to not use the parts, but keep them. In case he needs them for some other project. but - with each project, he keeps more and more spare parts. this is why we're having a hard time buying a house. we need a few acres for his spare parts junkyard. cataloged, of course.

  4. ps æ - you'll be able to feel those little razor blades of oral death before you can see them. i can only see the little protrusions because i know they're there. you can kind of see them in the picture, if you know that they're there... and just so you have a head's up - they come in and out. over a period of days. they'll be there and then as soon as you want to show someone you kid's rad new teeth, they're gone again like a turtle into its shell.


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