stick walking

On Friday night after work, the Mountain Man, the Pie and I piled in the car and headed down to Corvallis to visit with our friends Nathan and Morgan, and go cross country skiing.

When I was 15 or so I went downhill skiing with my mom and brother and our neighbors Markus & Klaus. I thought it looked like fun.

After about an hour on the slopes, I was done. I hated it.

I remember telling my mom later that I didn't know why anyone would pack all that junk in a car, drive for two hours and get all bundled up just to get sweaty and fall down.

But here we were, 15 years later, and I was ready to try again.

So after spending the night in Corvallis, we loaded the car and drove two hours.DSC_0735

We got into the mountainsDSC_0742 DSC_0744 DSC_0745  DSC_0747

The Pie agreed with me about the bundling up bit. DSC_0767

Finally, we were ready to go! (I'm pretty sure those boys were grumbling at me to put the camera away so we could get on the trails)DSC_0751 

The Mountain Man packed the Pie in his coat.

I really wish I had some pictures from the trail. My camera was in my pack, and I was too busy falling down to get it out.

And the flopping around in the snow like a turtle on its back didn't help much.

I got the hang of some of it, a little bit. I made it down some little hills without falling. I got some glide. I don't think I made it up a single hill without planting my tush a time or three. 

I made it about a mile before I was begging someone to alert the Forest Service that there was a body on the trail. I figured they'd send a snowmobile.

Sadly, Nathan informed me that there were no snowmobiles on that trail and I was going to have to haul myself out of there.

I asked the mountain man to drag me.

He just turned around and started skiing back to the car to drop me & the Pie off.

Thankfully there was a warming hut near the trailhead where the Pie & I sat while the boys went back out.

I sat in the warming hut listening to the yammering of the semi-drunk snowmobilers.

The best part was hearing them trash talking the "stick walkers".

After a while, the Mountain Man and Nathan showed up at the warming hut. We were happy to see them. DSC_0752

The Mountain Man had icicles in his beard. DSC_0756 

And he showed me how much he liked the suspenders I got him. DSC_0759

Youch DSC_0760 

We headed back down the mountain as it started to get dark. DSC_0769

I was pretty happy to be back in the car, even though the Pie doesn't like car rides.

I may have thanked Nathan for renting us "death blades" and I may have made reference to it being torturous drudgery. I might have compared it to childbirth.

I asked Nathan why anyone would ever go a second time.

"for the challenge" he said.

I don't understand that. I sucked at it and was miserable, It was not fun. I mean I guess there were a few moments that were fun, and I'm glad I tried it, but I wasn't interested in going again. I decided that it was another hobby struck down by my personality. If' I am not good at it from the start, and if I don't think I can master it, it's not worth my time.

But in the morning, the boys walked a few blocks down the street and brought home croissants. DSC_0782

All was right with the world.

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