Sewing fail

Instead of watching the Super Bowl, I tried to make some fleece soakers for my Pie.

And by that I mean I tried to remember how to sew.

And by that I mean I watched my mom sew, and remembered how much I hate cutting pattern pieces.

So the fail is not actually in the production of soakers. That was a success.  DSC_0139 I wanted them with an extra tall waistband, because everything is always too short on my Pie. Super cute, right?

So here comes the fail.

It took two moms to get these things over my babe’s thighs, and then over her clothy patoot.. DSC_0143I think they might have cut off her circulation.

Those monster thighs weren’t there a month ago. I’m not sure what happened.

Those were a medium. I went ahead and cut an XL for the next time.

Unfortunately she was napping when I finished these (and by I, I mean my mom) so we went ahead and cut some pants, too. And sewed ‘em up. All while she was napping. We had such high hopes.

Ahh, the ignorance of youth.

And by “youth” I mean overly-excited-novice-sewers. And by “overly-excited-novice sewers” I mean me, forcing my mom to start a new project when we hadn’t even made sure that the first worked. DSC_0149Also cute.

Also far, far too small.

  By this time, the Pie was entrenched in the game. DSC_0159 DSC_0152 DSC_0155 DSC_0156 DSC_0158 And by “the game” I mean my mom’s cheesehead.

At first I was planning to just give these failed experiments away, but I’m not really sure that they’ll make sense for anyone else. I made alterations to lengthen the patterns (is it telling that I keep trying to call them recipes?) so they won’t fit like “normal”.

Also, I did the hem and the waistband on the pants, so they’re kind of sloppy. Although I used to sew a little, I managed to sew half of the waistband on the pants with the foot up, cursing the whole way that the stitch was so sloppy and loose and the pants weren’t moving under the foot AT ALL.

Maybe I’ll just save them and hope that my Pie shrinks someday.

And I’ve decided that I’m either going to have to get really good at sewing so I can custom-make her diapers, or she’s going to be wearing Depends before she’s potty trained.

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