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You’ve clicked on all the links on my sidebar, and you’re looking for more. I know.

Well here are a few more rad sites I’ve bookmarked recently, and loving!

Stitch Stitch Hooray is a site owned by a friend (Ben) of a friend (Jamie, who I know from Rain City Rock Camp for Girls). Ben is learning how to cross stitch. And he’s blogging about it. From my 5 minutes of internet stalking, I have decided that along with Jamie, Ben and his wife are both way more badass than me. *sigh. Now I want need a whole bunch of cross-stitched things. 



Lauren is a 23 year old from Ohio who has started the Good Women Project who has started a sort of big-sister project linking young women to older, more experienced married women who can offer advice and input on being true to themselves while they find themselves a partner for life. She is hoping to help young women become the women who they want to be, and to arm them with the information they need to find a partner that they deserve. It is unabashedly youthful, and unapologetically seeking to create a successful marriage and partnership. The project is looking to find happily married women to help guide those who are ready to begin looking for a good man, beginning with finding the good in themselves.



Time to laugh. Hyperbole and a Half will do it. MOV pointed me there, and I don’t know if I’m making this up or not, but I think I might have read this blog in college…? Maybe? I’m full of it? Oh, OK. Anyhow, you should read the one about Kenny Loggins. Oh you already read it, and have been since 1989 and I’m desperately behind the times? Ok.



Gimme the Good Stuff is an amazing (small but growing) site that reviews all kinds of baby-related products for their safety, specifically regarding their ingredients. Product categories are researched (including baby wipes, laundry detergents, sunscreen, shampoo, etc.) and items are reviewed and categorized. The “good stuff” is the list of the safest products in each category. Additionally, the worst offenders and the sneaky ones, which seem on first glance to be natural choices, are reported. I’ll be popping back over there again, for sure. 



 Parenting Science isn’t the most “fun” site, but interesting and informative. I haven’t gone through too much of the site, but the article on infant sleep patterns is a new favorite. The Pie has been struggling with her sleep, and I haven’t been very good at trying new solutions to the “problem”. And I think the first issue is identifying the “problem”, which is a babe’s natural sleep tendencies. I haven’t read all of this (I’m too tired!) but it’s bookmarked, and every day I try to chip away at one more section paragraph sentence. Best part, is it includes anthropological, clinical and historic research to inform the article.


And finally, an old friend (I’m not going to tell you how we know each other… I don’t want to talk about it.) who I recently bumped into at Bootyland Kids has a blog, Travels with OWL. She writes stuff. It will make your heart ache. Her writing professor recently likened her prose to Barbara Kingsolver. I only tell you this because I’m bragging that I know her, and when she’s a famous author she won’t remember who I am when I stand in line at her book signing. But I’ll bring her this blog post, and show her that I knew her and wrote about her. And she’ll call security. She’s a mommy and a woman and a cook and crafter and a fellow simplicity lover.


OK, one more thing. Have I mentioned that I love diapers? Well reader-turned-e-friend Courtney introduced me to her friend Kristian who has been working on a diaper design, and has asked me to test and review them. She’s working on some samples for me, and I can’t wait to get them (but really Kristian, I can wait. Don’t stress.)

In the meantime, I got a new delivery of stuff from Melisa at Diaper Monster. (Oh, have I mentioned her before? Only like 7 times? OK) The box included beautiful wool longies, cute fleece longies and yoga pants, inserts and doublers, gorgeous cross-over trapeze tops, and this embroidered bit of cute-itude, also available at her shop.DSC_0458This diaper is so, so cute on my little giraffe baby. It’s so cute that I almost didn’t mind the horrifying stink and mess that was in it when the Pie woke up from her nap. I will just say that in any diaper less cute, I may not have been able to handle it. HORRIFYING.


And one more thing, really really this time. My dear friend and co-worker Denise sent me a scarf in honor of the Washington State PTA’s Focus Day, where PTA members march to the state capitol, in the freezing cold (OK, it will probably be like 40) to advocate for schools and kids. Pie’s first scarf!DSC_0480

So those are some new internet (and real-life) faves. Click around and enjoy the ride. Tell ‘em Mama sent you. They will all look at you funny and slowly back away and have no idea what you’re talking about. And they might block you. But only after they’ve tracked back to me and blocked me first.


  1. So I know we talked about me wanting to buy the "Bitch, Please" cross stitch. Matt says I can only have it if he gets one that says, "Oh noes."

    Seems fair, right?

  2. totally, totally fair. and i am going to need one that says "because i said so"


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