meet you in the garden

I like moss on stuff. It’s pretty.DSC_0521

Here’s me trying not to freeze. It looks gorgeous out, but it was cold & windy. DSC_0525 

The Mountain Man and the Pie make their way down the trail. I think he likes that baby.DSC_0526 

A picnic table, with moss taking over the crack in the wood.DSC_0528 

Two of the little waterfalls down to the pond.DSC_0534

I like moss and twisty-boughed trees. And moss on twisty-boughed trees.DSC_0535 

The ginkgo wind chime hanging from the ginkgo tree.DSC_0541 

Early budsDSC_0545 

Pretty carved chair back, with moss.DSC_0548 DSC_0549 DSC_0550 DSC_0552 

I think the Mountain Man likes that baby.DSC_0554

More buds. DSC_0557 

The garden’s sun salutation: a perfect rhododendron bloom. DSC_0564 

Moss on tree!DSC_0570 

I think he might like that baby.DSC_0572

And I think she likes him back.DSC_0579


  1. What a cute post.
    I have learned that there is something very special about a daddy and his daughter. I think that the Mountain man and Pie know it also.

  2. yeah i think the mountain/pie relationship is pretty excellent - although he still thinks i have some kind of baby magic when it comes fussy time!


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