Loganism of the week returns!

I was talking with the Mountain Man about how excited I was to have a new pen pal, a fellow blogger, and aspiring author.

I told him that she emailed me, and said that I was just as nice in my emails as I was on my blog.

And I thought, well, I don’t think I necessarily come across as “nice”. I think I might come across as abrasive, or complaining a lot. Maybe she was being sarcastic? She is pretty funny. That would be funny. I don’t sound nice on the blog, but I sound equally nice in emails! Hahahahahahha. Nice one! Like when you tell someone that they’re smarter than they look.

The Mountain Man said that he thought that I sounded sweet in my blog. Like if you read the whole thing, and have some context he qualified.

“Do you really think that?” I asked.

“No” he replied.


OK. So that wasn’t really a Loganism, it was just a conversation. But here’s a good one:

Just this morning we were sitting with the Pie, and he was saying how he can’t wait until she can talk and tell us what she’s thinking, because right now:

“she’s kind of like a pet that we’ve anthropomorphized.”

She’s cute and sweet and we can interact with her, she can do some tricks, but she can’t talk to us. The Mountain Man thinks it’s hilarious to talk about her being “almost human” or acting “like a real person”.

So things I’ve learned today:

  1. I do not come across as sweet in my blog.
  2. My husband does not think our child is human.
  3. And if she’s not human, then she’s an animal genius. A seemingly-nearly-almost-reminiscent-of-a-human kind of genius.I can live with that.

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