Adventures in Etsyland

I’m totally an Etsy addict – I buy more things from Etsy than any other store, aside from the grocery store.

But I’m also a penny pincher and an obsessive researcher, so I spend a lot of time looking at stuff, adding it to my favorites, even putting it in my cart… and then not buying it.

My most recent cart additions-no, subtractions-no, additions are:

This totally rad pair of baby leggings from Knottybabywear


And this super duper cute diaper from my personal diaper mistress, Diaper Monster

And, since my brother is getting married this summer, we need to look at baby dresses. And I found this dress at A Bushel and a Peck


But then I also found this dress at Maple Tree 2000

OK enough with the dresses. But cute, right?

Then I found these amazing letterpress prints. I need this one from Print for Love of Wood

And while we’re at it, how about we look at some longies over at the Cloth Diaper Club

Or what about this amazing toy from Imagination Kids

And check out this teething ring/nursing necklace from Stones of Healing

And, just because it’s one of my favorite shops, I popped on over to Sweet Life Paper


And then I decided to hop over to Etsy’s funky little sister, Hyena Cart. And there I found this cool magnet set at Blue Dinosaurs

Thankfully Hyena Cart is not as easy to navigate. Otherwise I would have to add it to my hate list.

Stupid Etsy.

I hate you.

(I’m so sorry, I didn’t meant it. I love you!)


  1. i could spend all day looking around etsy! those dresses are super cute, especially the pink and black. way cute and i may have to snag that rainbow toy for my little's first birthday!

  2. oh i have spent many days weaving my way through etsy. it's an addiction. i love the pink/black dress, but it's too big i think. the shop that made the rainbow toy has so many awesome wood toys! you should definitely check it out.


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