a working kitchen & what makes me whisper-shriek

Hi there. I’m not going to post tomorrow, so here is some randomish stuff for you today, post-dated to post tomorrow. We’ll see if this works.

So one little pet peeve of mine is the perfectly clean kitchen in all the cooking shows/blogs/food media.

Especially when they show/blog/whatever is about COOKING.

You know they clean up a lot before they take those pictures, or they have prep chefs doing all the dirty work, then cleaning their set kitchen.

When I’m cooking, my kitchen is not perfect.

In fact this is what my kitchen looks like right now, while I’m making sauce for birthday lasagna for the mountain man, making snickerdoodles for birthday dessert, unloading the dishwasher and taking care of a baby.


Here’s my counter, while I’m trying to work & get organized to finish the cookies & assemble the lasagna. Being organized is really important when you’re cooking, and since I’ve had the Pie my cooking organization has suffered. I’ve burned rice, forgotten ingredients or entire steps. DSC_0456

OK so here’s some more randomness.

I’m in love with you guys.

I am seriously serious.

I try not to check my blog traffic obsessively, but I fail. I’m probably checking my traffic right now. And it’s not that I’m trying to build a huge following, and it’s not that I’m trying to estimate how much money I could make if I started running ads. It’s that blogging is an exercise in narcissism, an outlet, and therapy, and I want to see that people are reading, that what I have to say is important to someone, that it has helped or made someone smile. I want a little validation.

And here’s a huge validation.

I was popping around to some blogs I read, and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, as I was scrolling around.

I think that’s my name. Well my blog’s name.

And ohmygawd it was. I’m linked from another blog. I messaged the mountain man to tell him. I shrieked a little (ok it was a whisper-shriek – the Pie is sleeping). I was ecstatic. Someone is reading me, and linked it.

That was the best.

I also whisper-shriek whenever I get an email that I got a comment, and especially when I don’t know the person who left the comment! Holy frijoles, people are reading, and it’s not just that I have the best friends ever, ant they are reading because they feel obligated or because I don’t call them enough ever.

So I (obsessively) checked  my stats. I’ve had a handful of hits via links sent in emails. That means someone liked what I wrote, emailed it to someone, and they opened it! (Either that or someone thought what I wrote was stupid, sent a link in an email with a note that said “hahahahah check out what this douchebag wrote!” and the recipient opened the link!)

And get this. I have international readers. And some of you are people I don’t know.

I get hits from the UK. I know who you are, and I love you. You have, and continue to shape my life.

I get hits from Denmark. I know who you are, and I am so, so excited for the adventure you’re embarking on.

I get hits from Germany. I know who you are, thank you for visiting and for being a friend!

But I also get hits from people I don’t know! Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, India, Russia, Ireland, Slovenia, Singapore! I haven’t even been to some of those places! (OK, of this list I’ve only been to Canada.)

Maybe some of you are just computer programs crawling the web for blogs that allow anonymous comments so that you can post links to your weird websites. If so, thanks for visiting! But some of you might be real people.

And if you’re a real person, then we’re friends. You’re getting to know me a little with each page view, and I want to know you, too.

And of course I probably have plenty of American readers who I don’t know, and I want to know you, too.

Where do you live? What is your house like? What do you do? Do you have kids? What’s your favorite food/meal? What floats your boat? What do you want to read about? Do you have a favorite blog I should check out?

I’m so glad we’re friends.


  1. I absolutely agree about the "perfect kitchen" photos. Bleh! Who lives like that? This is why I fear/ dread/ reel in horror about the whole "skype" and video-phone thing. I want to be neat and clean and pretty and perfect, but my God, when you have kids who has the time? The last thing I need to is virtual "proof" that I am a loser and can't keep my house clean. (by the way, your kitchen looks much cleaner than mine, ha ha)
    As for you grwoing blog success: congrats! Yay for you! Your blog is real, and entertaining.
    You asked what other blogs your readers recommend? Check out:
    Hyperbole and a half
    It is the most hysterical thing ever. Her earliest posts are just so-so (she was still finding her voice and her style) but now she has honed in on something truly fabulous. She even has little stick drawings too. My favorite post is about her dog being "mentally challenged". She also did a piece about eating an entire cake (her grandpa's birthday cake, not hers) when she was about six. Check her out, but I warn you, you cannot read just one post. Say goodbye to the next two or three hours and get ready to laugh. She has a cult folllowing of college students.
    best, MOV

  2. I love your kitchen. Ours varies from pretty clean to horrific nightmare for any food inspector. We'd rather spend time with our kids than send them off so we can make sure the kitchen is spotless. And by the way, that read sauce looked delicious.

  3. MOV - I followed the link to Hyperbole from your site once, and loved it! I did spend way too much time clicking through, but now it's time to make another visit. (and whenever I do google chat i turn myself so the camera is facing a wall, and I do move stuff out of the frame when I'm taking photos, so I guess I'm being my own pet peeve!)

    And Jacob - thanks for writing! I can't even tell you when the last time I mopped was, and I have been known to clean my counters with a sleeve. Yikes. We haven't gotten sick yet, though! I'm sure my Pie will never remember a spotless kitchen, but will remember the time I spend playing with her, going on walks, being around. (Wait - maybe she won't remember a spotless kitchen because she'll have never seen one...)

    The red sauce was awesome - it's so worth making your own pasta/lasagna sauce. I just sauteed an onion, browned some ground beef, threw some mojo de ajo and 2 large cans of crushed tomatoes, some basil and oregano and pepper flakes together and let it cook for a couple hours. Soon after came a lasagna coma...


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