This makes me wish I had cable.

Isabella Rossellini’s series “Seduce Me” about animal sexuality is amazing, from what I’ve seen.

The Noah’s ark episode, questioning what Noah did with animals who did not procreate via heterosexual sex, also brings into question religious demonization of alternative sexualities and gender identities, often backed up by bible passages. Were they (the animals) allowed on the ark, and are they (the people) tolerable in our societies?

If the story of the ark is true, and if it is true that one make and one female animal was brought on board to repopulate the earth, then why are there beings that reproduce asexually? Why are fish, salamanders, bees, sharks komodo dragons, and even turkeys, among others, able to reproduce without help?

And wait – identical twins are a result of asexual reproduction – human or animal.

I believe that all these sexual and gender variations are natural, and are documented in both animal and human history. If you’re not in my bedroom, you’re adults and you’re not hurting anyone or forcing anyone to do anything against their will, I don’t really care. I may not want to know about it, but I don’t care. You’re not harming me, and it’s not a threat. It’s not contagious and it’s not a choice. (Although if an animal can produce both sexually and asexually, opportunistically, then maybe – and it’s a stretch – it could be considered a choice, but that’s only if there were an option for sexual reproduction and the animal opted for the asexual. I’m not an expert, but I don’t think that that “choice” occurs very often in nature.)

And even if you don’t believe in the naturalness of these variations, the video is pretty, quirky, cool. Kudos, Isabella.


  1. I saw her video on bee sex. It was strange and awesome. I'll have to watch the one you link to when I have more time.

  2. If you haven't already seen the bedbugs video it's creepy and so interesting! I had no idea...


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