Sunday slim-down

I haven’t posted a slim-down in a couple weeks, but I’m still at it. This week I’m down a total of 5.2 pounds from Thanksgiving. 5 pounds in 8 weeks doesn’t sound like  a lot, but for me slow is the way to go. If I lose over a pound at a time I gain the following week, so chipping away in half-pound increments is the best way for me to go. At this rate I could be back at my most recent low (where I had lost 100 lbs) in 2-4 weeks! And then it will be all down from there.

Remember how I said I was going to start exercising? Well I haven’t. But I know that I am really pushing the limits of what I’m able to lose without exercising and without beginning a restrictive diet, which I can’t do.

I’ve tried and failed at all kinds of restrictive diets. They don’t work for me. If I have rules about what I can or cannot eat, I just start to obsess about food. The last restrictive diet I tried made me so obsessive that I was unable to carry on a normal conversation without talking about food, and I was dreaming about the foods I couldn’t have. And of course the more I think about food, the less likely I am to be able to control it. So I don’t have a restrictive diet. I try to cook healthful meals, not eat junk or packaged foods, and when I eat out I get exactly what I want and enjoy it – yesterday I had rosemary chicken over celery root puree with a mushroom cream sauce, and a porter. Delicious.

So that’s where I’m at. I need to start moving my tush a little more. But it’s really, really nice not being on a “diet”. I haven’t been on a diet in years, and I’ve managed to lose weight. I’m working every day to live and eat healthfully, and that’s the only diet I can sustain.


  1. Come to Seattle MWF, you can power walk with me from n to s campus, hike up and down seven flights of stairs, do some more stairs, then hike our butts up the ave to run errands, up more stairs, down again, all while carrying a baby (-sized backpack)

  2. it WAS so much easier when i could do my grocery shopping on foot, when i had to walk or ride my bike to campus, had to haul patootie from s. campus center to denny... sadly a 3-hour drive to go for a walk doesn't really sound like the best use of my time.

  3. i mean three hours round-trip, not a 3-hour drive. yeah.


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