Sunday Slim-down

I’m up this week, by  0.6 pounds.

It doesn’t surprise me because I was down more than a pound last week, and my body usually rebels after a loss of more than a pound. And I ate most of two pints of Ben & Jerry’s this week – but one of those was sorbet, so it was better than the ice cream… right? Calorically, yes. Encouraging the nightly dessert habit, no.

But what I’m realizing now is that I think I’ve gone as far as I can go in this current stage of weight loss without intentional exercise. I’ve been coasting along, losing my baby weight and now some of the pre-preg gain without doing much. I haven’t been strictly dieting, I haven’t been exercising, I’ve just been more conscious of what I’m eating.

And there are limits to how far I can coast.

And this may be that limit.

So here’s what I am going to commit to this week. I am going to try to kick the nightly dessert habit that I’ve built. This is going to be difficult because this week is my birthday and my mountain man’s birthday! But that doesn’t mean we celebrate with sweets every evening. And I am going to commit to exercising intentionally this week. I am not putting a number of times on my commitment, I am not deciding in advance what that exercise will be – because then it just becomes a chore. But I will exercise with intention this week.

I should also try to get more sleep. If I napped during the day I may be better rested and less inclined to over-fuel my body because of fatigue. But I have so, so much to do during the days that a nap seems like wasting time. My to-do list is growing almost as fast as my little Pie. My house sure isn’t cleaning itself, and dinner isn’t getting cooked by little house elfs.

But for now I can work on what I can control. Less dessert, more movement.


  1. My favorite form of exercising when the kids were babies was to put them in my sling or front carrier, turn on my favorite music and dance up a storm. They loved it...as did my waist and hips! They would be giggling and I would be breathless! To this day, their favorite thing is to dance with Momma...though not in sling any longer...now wouldn't that be funny to see!

  2. I would love to see your babies in carriers dancing away with you now! I've never been very interested in dancing - and I think it's because it has no purpose, other than fun, and I hate things that have no purpose other than fun! Everything must be practical and above all else, productive! I think that's why I also dislike spin classes - what's the point in sitting on a bike in a sweaty gym pedaling your butt off and not covering any ground? Silly! But carrying the Pie while I do chores or run errands is certainly more work than if I wasn't wearing her, and I'm getting something done in the meantime. See, practical and productive! (I'm such a humbug)


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