mama loves…

your smile lines.DSC_1045 

your hands.P1030347

your awesome photography skills.DSC_0004

your artistic skill & love of watermelons.DSC_0198

your willingness to play along when I want to put up some jam but can’t use a canner on the glass-top stove.January 2010 472

your squinty eyes and general inability to have your eyes open in a photograph.meg_logsthelens 

your love of the outside.100_0295

oh yeah, and i love your hands.101_0260

your unbridled excitement at changing your baby’s first diaper.dad's first diaper

that you married me.megan_logan-100

and you danced with me…megan_logan-239

even though it required a swig from a flask.megan_logan-012 (gorgeous wedding photos by John Cornicello)

that you’re a snow magnet.034

that you got caught shooting your bow in our tiny apartment when you found out that archery practice was illegal in the city parks. At least I got a new comforter out of it.140

that you refuse to eat mutants (even if they’re organic), but you’ll photograph them for me. 185

that you get super duper excited about stock dividend checks, even if they’re paying out at less than $1.007

that you’re adventurous.IMG_1296

that you can start a fire anywhere, any time, with any tools. You’re such a good hominid.P1030588

that you love me. P1030652

that you send me links to articles arguing that you are, in fact, human.

and I love our New Year’s Resolution.

But I don’t have a picture for it.

Happy birthday, Mountain Man. I can’t even tell you how much I love you. It’s a secret.


  1. PS - I fought the temptation to tag your adventure pants in all these photos.
    And I love that you're such a great daddy-pie.

  2. I love you too sweets. We have a great life together and you are also great.


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