Loganism of the week

**the mountain man would like to state in advance that he was just eating a grapefruit, and was not actually watching the show which this comment is in reference to.**

Mama was watching Dr. Phil.

He said something about trying make a woman do something she doesn’t want to do is like “trying to baptize a cat”

“yeah!” said the mountain man, “that’s because cats don’t have SOULS!”

Mama: silence, confusion.

“oh wait, I think he meant because cats don’t like water.”

bugg the pissed off cat Again, the mountain man would like to make clear that he was not watching Dr. Phil. He was just eating a grapefruit.


  1. Did someone take Uncle Bugg down to the river? If that cat wasn't just baptized how did he get soaked?

  2. that was a sad, sad attempt at a bath, about 4 years ago. It hasn't happened since. he's still mad about it.


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