I’m too busy blogging to blog.

Hi there friends,

I’m working on a couple of biggies right now, so haven’t put anything together for today. Sorry.

Here’s a sneak-peek at what I’m putting together:

  • THE Talk. Postpartum Sex & Co-sleeping. I told you it was coming.
  • why I vaccinate, and the new news about the autism/vaccination link
  • moving past the hype of growth charts
  • moving past the hype of developmental milestones
  • why I speak in full sentences to my baby
  • I miss eating hot food (ok, this one isn’t a big one)
  • how to do a DIY baby shower on the cheap (without looking cheap)
  • Baby toys & products we’re loving
  • Breastfeeding help for a new mama

And in the meantime, check out what I’m cooking for dinner this week:

Tonight: Perfect curry in a jar. This is the only prepared curry sauce I’ve ever found that I don’t want to doctor up. Add some chicken, veggies and quinoa and you’ve got dinner. Thank you Costco & Trader Joe’s.


Tuesday: Copper River salmon & butternut squash soup

Wednesday: Chicken and dumplings

Thursday: Butter chicken for my birthday!

Friday: Lasagna for the mountain man’s birthday!

The weekend is a mystery…

Back tomorrow, babies!

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