Happy New Year

We spent New Year’s Eve with the mountain man’s family in central WA, just over the mountains. We packed up the truck and put the baby seat behind the mountain man’s seat, which led to a long conversation about people who swore they’d never drive a minivan buying a minivan.

Every time we go on a trip I think that truck shrinks a little bit.

And because the truck is shrinking, I decided not to bring my big camera. Now that I see the grainy, low-res pictures I ended up with from the camcorder I regret that.

Note to self: always bring the big camera.

I used to carry a clunky old SLR with me everywhere I went. But that was before I was carrying a baby and a diaper bag.

And before we had a shrinking truck.

The shrinking truck is a little bit of a problem, especially in winter when we don’t want to leave stuff out in the elements in the back. I wanted to get the mountain man a canopy – but they’re so expensive. Maybe I’ll just get some big plastic bins with really well latching lids and we’ll put them in the back with the net over them.

When we got over the mountains, we were a little disappointed at how little snow there was. Less than at Thanksgiving! The roads were clear though, which meant we made amazing time getting there.

And when we did, the birthday boy jumped on his Uncle Logan’s shoulders for a ride. Sadly since Uncle Logan was also holding the Pie, the birthday boy’s ride was just a bounce on the couch.DSC00006He didn’t seem to mind. And the Pie sure looks happy about it.


After opening his birthday presents, the boy and the mountain man promptly melted into their own little world putting together legos. DSC00027


And Nana made a holiday dress for the Pie.DSC00016I’ll have to get it on her again and use the big camera to take a better photo.


For his 5th birthday, the boy wanted roller skates.

So here he is, trying to learn how to skate in the kitchen (instead of on the ice outside). Please excuse the hysterical giggling, the uncontrollable sniffling (cold? allergies? can’t tell), and the near-pants wetting. Oh. You couldn’t see that part on the video. But I nearly wet myself laughing so hard and his little feet frantically trying to keep in contact with the linoleum. Or maybe it was the sneeze that made me almost lose it. Well, whatever it was, thank you postpartum semi-incontinence for that one, and a special thank you to everyone for not being in the bathroom the moment I needed to throw the camera down and run.

If only every birthday was so joyful.

And speaking of birthdays, my 30th is coming up, and the day after mine is my mountain man’s 32nd. He wants me to have a party, because I made him have a party for his 30th. But it just seems like too much work now that I have a babe. I live far away from all my friends, and a handful of us have kids now, so a party would require driving to somewhere all my friends can meet us, and going somewhere where it’s fun for the grown-ups but naps and feedings could still happen. That’s a tall order.

So I think I’ll stick to our tradition of having breakfast together on “our birthday” at the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls.

 (photo stolen from the lodge’s website)

 (photo also stolen from the lodge’s website)

That one’s a stunner.

Maybe someday we’ll stay at the lodge. But for now we enjoy the drive up through the snow, the warm breakfast when we get there, a stroll through the gift shop (ornaments on sale!) and a breathtaking glimpse of the falls. If it isn’t foggy, that is.

And my poor mountain man. I haven’t been very good at dropping hints for presents this year. He didn’t know what to get me for Christmas and he doesn’t know what to get me for my birthday. I think I am just going to get myself a new wedding band.


I know.

But here’s the deal. My engagement ring is too big, and I’ve been meaning to get it re-sized, but I don’t want to do it while I’m still in a downward trend in my weight. Because of the setting I designed, the stones all have to be moved in order to re-size the band, so I would have to pay a fee for the re-setting.

Since my ring was too big, I just wore my wedding band on the “wrong” side – toward my fingertip instead of toward my heart.

rings pre-break

Since I had tiny stones in a delicate setting on my wedding band, and because my heavy honker of an engagement ring is too big, the honker kept banging against the delicate stones and broke two of them. Then one fell out.

The company I bought the wedding band from is being skeezy and not actually following through on their guarantee against breakage, which makes me want to stick broken stones up their you-know-whats.

So I think I may just buy a new band. I feel somewhat sentimental about the original wedding band, but it was the engagement ring that’s really meaningful to me. The mountain man and I designed it and had it made. We scrimped and saved to buy it. It’s gorgeous, a one-of-a-kind. The wedding band was just ordered online to be a complement to the honker.

I think I’m just going to get a plain band, no stones, to wear under my honker to keep it on my finger. And then maybe someday I’ll get the honker re-sized, and get the stones replaced in the original wedding band, and then I can wear all three.

And the mountain man said he doesn’t mind, one way or the other.

So after our visit yesterday, we drove home, in the dark, over the pass. The Pie hadn’t napped much so we expected her to sleep the whole way. Instead, she cried. Inconsolably. I think we’ve got a teether.

We saw fireworks as we drive home, in narrow mountain valleys and over the freeway.

Then we got home, crawled in bed, and snuggled as we listened to fireworks outside our windows and rang in the new year.

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