Go Green Diaper review

Go Green’s premium diaper, The Champ, boasts the following features:

  • two rows of waist snaps
  • extra row of rise snaps (4)
  • waist tab overlap snaps (which I imagine would be great for tiny babies whose bellies don’t quite fill the waistband)
  • double leg gusseting
  • two pocket openings (no need to remove inserts before washing)
  • two bamboo-microfiber blend 3-layer inserts included
  • Snaps on inserts keep insert and diaper together in the wash (no sorting laundry!) and allow for optional AI2 use (liner recommended if your baby is sensitive to microfiber
  • top stitching for added durability
  • premium, glossy snaps
  • soft bamboo-blend microsuede lining never pills and looks new after washing

Additionally, all Go Green diapers have a 15-day wash & wear guarantee  - “use them and return them if you don’t love them”.

I ordered mine on a Tuesday, and got an email the following morning that they were shipped and would arrive in 1-3 days. They arrived the following Monday, 1 mail day later than I had expected.DSC_0568

The diapers came in plastic packaging, which I dislike – it’s not very green! Since this is a product that is washed before use I think that the extra packaging should be eliminated. I get that it makes stacking, handling and packaging the diapers easier, but really? Why don’t we try going a little greener, Go Green?

Also, these diapers are made in China. The company is from Boulder CO, but they are manufactured in China. Ok, so pretty much everything is manufactured in China, and that’s part of how they can offer low prices. On their website they have info about other companies with Made-in-USA dipes if you want to abandon ship and stay land-bound, as well as those companies that also manufacture in China. It’s what the world is, but still. It’s a down-side for me.

From their website:

Where are your diapers made?

Our company is proudly a WAHM-owned business in the USA and we are continually adapting our products to meet the needs of moms like us. We generate our product designs in-house, and these designs are manufactured into products fairly and conscientiously by our fantastic manufacturer in China.

Some related manufacturing information: 

Companies that manufacture in the USA (courtesy AllAboutClothDiapers.com)

Companies that utilize manufacturers in China for some of all of their products:

Fuzzi Bunz,Grovia, Bum Genius Flip, Rumparooz, Doopsy, Babylegs, Carters, Bummis (Litewrap, Cot'n Wrap), Kushies (sleeper, toys), Haute Pockets, Softbums, Tiny Tush

DSC_0569Colored snaps – unnecessary, cute, and have the one function of telling a caregiver (father, babysitter, grandparent, whatever) “we’re on the green snaps” which will help ensure that the diaper is put on snugly even if the primary diaperer is not diapering. The snaps are high quality and seem easier to use than some other snap diapers I’ve tried. 

DSC_0576  The label is on the outside, which I like, so that it won’t scratch baby’s skin. (Although I’m not a fan of advertising on clothes, this is a practicality issue for me)

DSC_0575 The dipes have a double gusseted leg, which I like, to help keep the liquid poos in.

DSC_0572 The diaper has two openings for the pocket – I don’t really know why there are two openings. The front opening has a female-side snap to snap in the inserts that came with the diaper. Then when you do the laundry you can pull the insert out of the pocket but leave it snapped. You can of course use any insert in these, as well.

DSC_0573 The back of the diaper has a narrower opening with a care tag sewn in. And remember the double-gusseting around the legs? That would be nice around the back, too. The waistband barely contained an average size poo, nearly turning to a poonami (and for clarification, a poonami is when it gets out). I know this is kind of standard design – but in this diaper the gusset just seems… insubstantial as compared do diapers with heavier fleece lining. I would almost like to see the edge of the diaper above the gusset in this case – you know, kind of fit & flair?

DSC_0585Each diaper came with two microfiber inserts. The absorbency with one insert has been fine for daytime and naps. I actually hate microfiber. It feels creepy on my skin. It grabs. Yick. (Am I the only one? Anybody else have this problem?) At least it will be inside the pocket and not against baby’s skin.  It also collects all the bits of lint and pine needles and wads of cat hair while it’s in the laundry, so I have to constantly pick stuff off of anything microfiber, and I find myself picking pieces of lint and hair off of the Pie’s bum because of the microfleece microsuede that the diaper is lined with.

And here’s a note -  it suggests that you can use an insert as a flat diaper, to make the pocket diaper act more like a cover, but in the same breath there is a mention that you should use a liner if your baby is sensitive to microfiber. So here’s my question – why are we using a fabric that may cause sensitivity?

DSC_0578 Here is the insert snapped into the pocket. This design has been less than ideal for me, even with a girl. There’s no chance of getting a “clean” pull on the insert, since I have to pull it out of the diaper from the front, where the pee tends to soak. Even worse with a boy, I imagine. So although I see the benefit of the snap for the insert (keeping the pieces together) it’s easier to pull the insert out of the back of the diaper, where there’s often a dry spot to hold on to.

DSC_0580 Here is a cute picture of the colorful snaps, which I have to say seems to be, along with price, the main selling feature.

DSC_0591These diapers (with one of the two microfiber inserts that they came with) are the trimmest pocket diapers I’ve tried. With one insert I was able to snap the Pie’s onesie closed without any yanking. With two inserts they’re comparable to a pocket with a prefold as the insert. The fit seems snug around the legs. Again, it was not necessary for me to snap down the diaper to shorten the rise. I thought for a moment that this may make it silly for me to continue buying one-size diapers, but soon realized that one-size diapers offer much more flexibility in the waist than most sized diapers would, and had I been using these from birth I would have used the shorter rise options. I am still left wondering, however, what I am going to do with a baby who is any taller that she is now!

Absorbency was fine with one insert for a nap. I change my Pie so frequently that we never have pee leaks (and I use ‘sposies at night). Occasionally if she’s peed and soaked the diaper we have a poonami, but that hasn’t happened in these yet.

DSC_0589 I have been using either the smallest setting or one row of the smallest setting snaps and one of the second-to-smallest. My babe is already 6 months old, and is a big baby. Because of this I would be hesitant to buy these diapers for newborns – even at the overlap point, this diaper may gape at the waist for a newborn. I don’t have a newborn to test it on, but that’s my concern. The string came loose after the 3 pre-washes I did. Hopefully this is not an indication that the seam will come loose!

Overall impressions: The diapers are thin, soft, and flexible. Without the inserts they seem almost like covers – the lining and the waterproof outer are very thin. The color-coded snapping is cute, but has narrow benefit. The double-gusset in the legs is great, but I am really really not looking forward to stuffing those microfiber inserts. They feel like velcro on my skin. And I probably won’t be snapping the inserts in.

There are lots of options for color, pattern and a few styles at different price points. These are the most expensive style, but they were on sale – normally $15. I got them for about $12.70 plus $5 shipping. I kind of want the giraffe print one. The diapers are acceptable, but not phenomenal. The price is right.

But here is my question about the company in general: What’s green about it?

Yes, cloth diapering is considered green. So what I do with their product is “green”. But I don’t see much indication that their company is any more environmentally conscious than any other. I think the “Go Green” name is cashing in on the popularity of armchair environmentalism. If they are a “green” company, I would like to learn more about it. For me, the benefit to this company is a relatively well-made, low-cost diaper. The use of the term “green” to align the company with environmentalism rubs me the wrong way, if they are not doing anything to be green.

Ultimately, I won’t buy more Go Green diapers, even though the giraffe print is cute. (It was not available for the sale, which is why I didn’t get it in the first place). They are trim and the colorful snaps are cute. But they don’t seem to be any better than handmade diapers you can buy (like the Diaper Monster dipes reviewed here) and I’m not a fan of the microfiber inserts or the placement of the snap for the inserts. I could of course use any old insert, or not snap it in and pull it out the back, but I guess I’m not so in love with the diaper that I would buy more and not use the insert they come with. They’re perfectly adequate, and a good price. I’m just not in love. And although the company offers a refund (less shipping) if I don’t love the diapers, I’ll keep them. They’re fine. I just think I’d hit up Diaper Monster again when I need more – handmade, local and just as good. They snaps are slightly easier to use on the Go Green diapers and they do come with an insert, but I think that my desire to support local businesses and locally-made products trumps The Champ.


  1. I thought the diaper monster dipes were cuter. Especially the minky dot inner!

    I taught my family the word poonami (known as a 'blow out' in my family) they thought it was fantastic.

  2. yeah that minky liner was rad. i just got another fattycakes dipe from diaper monster, and although i haven't used it yet, i think i love it.

    glad your fam likes the term! "blowout" just doesn't say it all, for me at least. a friend asked once if you could also say "pooricane". not sure if that one will catch on.

  3. Very interesting. I don't know why they say that you can use that microfiber insert on the inside of the diaper against babies skin, microfiber is extremely aggravating to baby's skin. It is so absorbent that it will pull the moisture out of their skin and dry them out - that's just bad advice you should ALWAYS use a barrier between microfiber and baby.

  4. LOL at "poonami".... we say "poopsplosion" for a blowout at our house.

  5. UPDATE: as feared, the super-thin microsuede does not create a substantial enough barrier against the poonami.

  6. How are your diaper monster one doing at holding in the poo?

  7. The Diaper Monster diapers are doing great. I was worried about not having an internal gusset around the legs, but we haven't had any leaks. The waistband is also a more substantial barrier, so it's been working great. They're definitely a favorite!


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