Culinary Invention

As a part of my self-directed birthday celebration, I decided to go ahead and make THE SANDWICH.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

Combining two of my favorite things into one glorious mound of decadence.

It’s not really breakfast, its not really lunch. It’s not complicated and it sure aint fancy, but what it lacked in sophistication it made up for in deliciosity. (oh yeah, it’s a word.)

This one just has extra sharp white cheddar, and plenty of it. It was my birthday, after all. DSC_0440 

But wait, there’s more! Cut it open and there’s a beautifully golden fried egg in the center. I wish I was making this in the summer and had a big fat slice of heirloom tomato to put on there, too.DSC_0442

It’s sloppy and slippery, but it was rich and delicious. I cut the richness with some home-made sour limeade.DSC_0448

Oh grilled cheesegg sandwich, I will see you again in the summer when tomatoes are ripe. And maybe I’ll throw some basil leaves on there, too. Leaves make it healthy.

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