blog break

I have to take a short break from blogging – for at least the weekend, perhaps until Thursday.

I had a Board retreat today that I spent last week preparing for, so ended up using all of my pre-written or mostly-finished posts. Now I have some meetings coming up for work, and I have 4,000 posts that are just notes or are clumsy verbal dances around the point I’m trying to make. I try to keep up with my thoughts, but I think I am going to have to let some of them go, for now.

So I’ll be back soon. I’ll try to keep finding moments to purge my brain, but I don’t think I’ll get anything finished for a few days.

See you soon.


1 comment:

  1. enjoy the break from blogging.... sometimes it is just good to get away from it so your brain can recharge. I look forward to your posts when you get back in several days. :)


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