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Yesterday was the first day since September that I have been away from the Pie. Well I did go to the drugstore that one time, but it was for like 20 minutes.

Yesterday, the mountain man and I were away from the Pie for almost 9 hours. We had brunch, we saw a movie, we walked around an electronics store trying to decide how to spend the gift certificate we’d received. It was wonderful to be a person without another person attached to me, to be a couple again, to be away and to have some time & space to think about the bigger picture of this motherhood thing.

fall Every year to celebrate our birthdays, we go to Snoqualmie Falls and have brunch. First we walk around and look at the waterfall.

rush It’s usually icy, raining, and foggy when we go, but this time it was overcast but precipitation-free. I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

spray I got mist all over myself and my camera. We were drenched, and my hair puffed out.


DSC_0486Here’s one of those fancy things that tells you how much water is going over the falls in OFS. I didn’t know what OFS meant, so I googled it. It’s a furniture company. And it’s furniture that’s built to feel good. Which is important when you’re going over a waterfall.


DSC_0500 DSC_0490

DSC_0491This is an empty coffee cup. (I knew there was something wrong with this picture!) I am showing you this because I so love the delicate lines in the china at the restaurant that I searched high and low for something like it when the mountain man and I got married. I found some, and registered for it. But we don’t use it right now, because it’s in boxes. Long story. But I love these dishes.

mountain man's coffeeThe mountain man and his coffee. (Have I mentioned that I love his hands?)

big tipperThis is the face that the mountain man made when he saw the bill. For breakfast. But it was worth it.

And then we went home.

Now before you berate me about my tree still being up – the ornaments are off and it’s getting sawed to pieces tomorrow. I have to keep those beautiful lights up as long as I can, and I have to keep the tree up until you can use the needles to sew with. I can’t kill a tree and then just throw it away before I’ve eeked every last bit of enjoyment out of it.

And aside from the fact that the Pie could not be happier to be home with her daddy and flying through the air, I still have to righteously disapprove of such a dangerous stunt. While taking photos.

See also: Get used to it.

See also: Acceptance.

DSC_0513 DSC_0505 DSC_0506 DSC_0507 DSC_0508  DSC_0510  DSC_0512

I think the mountain man missed his Pie. And I think the Pie had fun. Look at that face!

flypiecloseIt’s good to be home.

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