What we’ve got dinner & naptime crafting

Last night I posted after having made cookies & baby food, that I didn’t know what to make for dinner – and it was time! So I looked in the fridge. Pork, bacon, green onions, carrots. And on the counter. Beets. And in the cabinet. Quinoa. Dinner!
I roasted the beets and carrots in some olive oil, sauteed the bacon and then put the pork in the pan, and added the green onions at the last minute. The quinoa cooked in some water and chicken broth. DSC_0402DSC_0404
Yum. It’s what we had, because it’s what we’ve got.
And this morning while the Pie took her short nap, I made some spicy chai concentrate. I found a recipe while I was blog-hopping and wrote it down. I don’t remember where I found it. But it doesn’t really matter, because I played around with it until I found something I liked.
Some of the measurements are heaping measures (cardamom and cinnamon) because I like them, and others are level, (ginger) because I’m not such a fan. But here, in it’s current state, is the recipe:
DSC_0432 It comes out warm, spicy, delicious. If you like it creamier, add some cream to your cup. If you like it sweet add some sugar. But this is how I like it. Spicy, slightly sweet, slightly creamy cup of tea.
I bottled some up – one bottle for me, one for my friend CJ who I’ll be visiting this week, one as a Christmas gift and one for Christmas morning.
The Pie can’t wait for Christmas.


  1. The pork chops look beautiful. How did you cook them to get that nice color?

  2. I think I seared them in a hot pan in the bacon fat that was left after I cooked up the bacon... and I leave them alone until they release from the pan, which means they've built a little but of a caramelized crust on the outer layer. I'm not a very good technical cook, I just bumble along really.

  3. Did you just sear them and then put them in the over, or did you cook them in the pan on the stove top until they were done?

  4. in this case i'm not sure...but i cook my pork through, so either way would work. i've definitely done both ways. When i put it in the oven i put the meat on a rack over a cookie sheet to retain the sear i got in the pan. i'm a pretty unsophisticated consumer of meat, i like my proteins dead & cooked.


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